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Great Lakes College of Toronto (GLCTSchool)

Flag of Canada Ontario, Canada
School ID: SC010012
Xếp hạng: 5,966
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Số lượt apply: 2

It is certified and inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Educationn, our teachers are all qualified and experienced, and our staff have strong contacts with virtually every Canadian University.

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Giới thiệu

About us: 

The Great Lakes College of Toronto is a certified Private High School located in downtown Toronto, Canada. Established in 1978, our school has developed expertise in educating international high school and post secondary students throughout the past 35 years. We specialize in preparing our students for entrance into North American universities and colleges, as well as assisting students with learning English as a second language. GLCT is known for our "Personalized Education Program" in which we aim to meet the various needs of all our unique students.

To date, universities in Canada, the United States and throughout the world have accepted over 10,000 of our graduates. In recent years, 90+% of our graduates have been admitted to universities. Our students consistently receive Ontario and Canadian academic awards, as well as university entrance scholarships. This high record of success reflects the professional commitment and personalized touch that has become a trademark of The Great Lakes College of Toronto.

Why choose us:

The GLCT campus is located near downtown Toronto in the North High Park area, which includes High Park, the largest park in Toronto, and is in the middle of a prestigious residential area. The school is close to subway and TTC bus lines, a community library, supermarkets, banks, shopping areas, all within 10-15 minutes of walking distance.
- Campus facilities include science labs, science lab, drama room, art studio, gym, laundry rooms, and free WiFi.
- Several community centres are closed to the school, which has swimming pools, soccer fields, ice skating fields, e.t.c. 
Residence Security:
Live-in teachers are available 24/7 for both on-campus and off-campus residence, making sure students' safety and taking care of students' need.
Cafeteria is available to students all year round, providing 3 meals a day from Monday to Friday, with different meal choices everyday.

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Co-op option
Work while studying

Tài chính

Avg Cost of Tuition/Year $CAD12800
Cost of Living/Year $CAD20000
Application Fee $CAD200
Estimated Total/Year $CAD33000

Chuyên môn chính

  • Fast-Track University Preparation Program
  • Regular University Preparation Program
  • English As A Second Language (ESL) Program

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