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After completing your profile, you can search for courses by clicking on the "Search programs".

The system will display a quick search box. You only need to log in the personal information required by ApplyZones as shown below:

  • Country of Education: Choose the country you are studying now
  • Highest Education: Choose the highest educational level you have
  • Grading Scheme: Select the grade system that corresponds to the education system of the country you are studying
  • Grade Average: fill in this box with your current GPA

Choose “Start” to complete the following requirements including English Scores/ Additional Qualifications, what disciplines study and School you want

Noted: If you have additional qualifications, please select this section. You will choose qualification suiting you and completing the following information:


- Click “Next” for next step


  • School types: Choose type of school you want to study
  • Countries: Select country you want to study
  • Provinces/States: Choose states/provinces you want 
  • Select Schools: Choose school you want to study
  • Programs level: Wether it is bachelor degree or a diploma, you can choose here

Noted: Pathway is a useful course for international students to best prepare for study in a different country, especially for those with poor English or young learners who need preparation for a new way of studying and the educational system. You can skip the Pathway option if you want, but in some cases, when you are not eligible for your dream schools, a Pathway is the best option to get approved.


Then, click the “Result” button. ApplyZones will display the results of courses in accordance with your academic and financial ability.

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