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Adventure Sport Science BSc (Hons)
Adventure Sport Science BSc (Hons)

Adventure Sport Science BSc (Hons)

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  • Level:3-Year Bachelor's Degree
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Admission Requirements

Entry Requirement

English Requirement

IELTS 6.0 (no band less than 5.5) or equivalent.


Course Information

A unique combination of essential Sport Science knowledge (psychology, physiology, and coaching) with the opportunity to develop your own adventure tourism and outdoor practitioner skills. You’ll apply this knowledge in various field-based settings, work-based environments and state-of-the-art labs including high altitude and environmental chambers. Graduating with ‘hands on’ experience and an understanding of human responses to adventure environments and performance in adventure sports, you’ll have the skills for a career in the expanding adventure market.

Are you one of life’s adventurers or thinking of a career in Adventure based sport? If so, then this is the course for you!

Do you dream of climbing Everest or wondered what ‘it takes’ to Big Wall climb in Yosemite? Or is climbing the 15 peaks of Wales or kayaking in the Conwy Valley more to your liking? Maybe you’re interested in undertaking an expedition in adventurous terrain or you interested in adventure sport therapy as a career? Perhaps you just want to enhance your leadership and coaching skills? If you have given either of these activities some consideration, then this course is uniquely designed to help you realise these dreams.

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Year 1 Modules

Compulsory Modules

Semester 1

JXH-1017: Human Physiology (20) or
JXC-1017: Ffisioleg Dynol (20)

JXH-1021: Portfolio Academic skills (10) or
JXC-1021: Sgiliau Academaidd (10)

JXH-1023: Practical Water Based Skills (10) Core

JXH-1024: Practical Land Based Skills (10) Core

JXH-1027: Psychomotor Behaviour (20) or
JXC-1027: Ymddygiad Seicomodurol (20)

JXH-1044: Conducting Successful research (10) Core or
PCC-1007: Cyflwyniad i Ymchwil (10) Core

Semester 2

JXH-1017: Human Physiology or
JXC-1017: Ffisioleg Dynol

JXH-1021: Portfolio Academic skills or
JXC-1021: Sgiliau Academaidd

JXH-1023: Practical Water Based Skills

JXH-1024: Practical Land Based Skills

JXH-1027: Psychomotor Behaviour or
JXC-1027: Ymddygiad Seicomodurol

JXH-1043: Practical Research Skills (10) Core or
PCC-1006: Datblygu sgiliau ymchwil (10) Core

Optional Modules

30 credits from:

JXH-1018: Sports Sci career studies (10) (Semester 1)

JXH-1020: Biomechanics (10) (Semester 2)

JXH-1028: Physical Activity & Health (10) (Semester 2)

JXH-1040: Principles of Strength & Cond (10) (Semester 1) or
JXC-1040: Egwyddorion Cryfder a Chyflyru (10) (Semester 1)

Year 2 Modules

Compulsory Modules

Semester 1

JXH-2016: Research Methods (20) Core or
JXC-2016: Dulliau Ymchwill (20) Core

JXH-2022: Psychology of Sport Perf (10)

JXH-2024: Sport & Exercise Physio (20) or
JXC-2024: Ffisioleg Chwaraeon ac Ymarfer (20)

JXH-2028: Prac Water Based Lead & Coach (10) Core

JXH-2029: Practical Land Based Skills II (10) Core

JXH-2041: Project Proposal (20) or
JXC-2041: Cynnig Prosiect Ymchwil (20)

Semester 2

JXH-2028: Prac Water Based Lead & Coach

JXH-2029: Practical Land Based Skills II

JXH-2030: Research Expedition (20)

JXH-2041: Project Proposal or
JXC-2041: Cynnig Prosiect Ymchwil

Optional Modules

10 credits from:

JXH-2020: Motor Control & Learning (10) (Semester 1)

JXH-2027: Sport Nutrition (10) (Semester 1)

JXH-2036: Applied Sport Psych (10) (Semester 2) or
JXC-2036: Seicoleg Chwaraeon Cymhwysol (10) (Semester 2)

JXH-2037: Exercise Psychology (10) (Semester 2)

JXH-2038: Physiological assess skills (10) (Semester 2) or
JXC-2038: Asesiad Ffisiolegol (10) (Semester 2)

Year 3 Modules

Compulsory Modules

Semester 1

JXH-3031: Stress & Performance (10) or
JXC-3031: Straen a Pherfformiad (10)

JXH-3039: Environmental Physiology (10)

40 credits from:

JXH-3001: Research Project (40) (Semester 1 + 2) or
JXC-3001: Prosiect Ymchwil (40) (Semester 1 + 2)

JXH-3054: Dissertation (40) (Semester 1 + 2) or
JXC-3054: Traethawd (40) (Semester 1 + 2)

Optional Modules

60 credits from:

JXH-3033: Research in Psychological Skil (10) (Semester 2) or
JXC-3033: Ymchwil mewn Sgiliau Seicolego (10) (Semester 2)

JXH-3034: Personality & Ind Diffs (10) (Semester 2)

JXH-3037: App Sport Sci of Elite Perf (10) (Semester 1)

JXH-3047: Disability Sport & Rehab (10) (Semester 2)

JXH-3048: Exercise for Clinical Populati (10) (Semester 1)

JXH-3050: Skill Acquisition (10) (Semester 2)

JXH-3055: Biochemistry of Exercise (10) (Semester 1)

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Pathway Courses

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Career Opportunity

Career Opportunity

This course is also ideal preparation for a career in the outdoors as an instructor, an exploration or expedition leader, in outdoor development training, and also in education and recreation generally.

All our courses will prepare you for a career as a sport scientist, working with squads of elite athletes and performers to fine tune their training; sport science research; working in the public health sector, for example in sports therapy or physiotherapy; or working in the health/fitness industry generally. Postgraduate study and a career in teaching (after completing a postgraduate certificate of education), research and lecturing is another vocational route. There are also some specific career opportunities for different degrees listed with the course details.

Some School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science graduates simply use their academic qualification and the transferable skills that they have developed to work in management, the emergency services or to set up their own business.

Opportunities at Bangor

The University’s Skills and Employability Service provides a wide range of resources to help you achieve your graduate ambitions. Developing your personal skills and enhancing your employability while at university is becoming increasingly important in today’s job market.

Ability to settle

Overseas Student Health Cover

Insurance – Single: 300 GBP per year

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