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BA Archaeology
BA Archaeology

BA Archaeology

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  • Level:3-Year Bachelor's Degree
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IELTS 6.5, with no component below 5.5

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Explore the material remains of past societies – from the first hominins millions of years ago to the modern day – with our accredited BA Archaeology degree.

Exciting career opportunities

Archaeology is more than studying the past: it’s a discipline that actively prepares you for the job market. You’ll develop an impressive range of practical and academic skills, whether you want to move into the archaeology or heritage sectors or enter a wide range of other industries and careers.

More than 40 major infrastructure projects are planned across the UK over the next 17 years, and archaeologists are required for exploratory excavations and analysis before construction begins. A 2016 report from Historic England found that England's 3,000-person commercial archaeology workforce will need to grow by 25% over the next six years to meet demand.

Many graduates from the Department of Archaeology use their breadth and depth of expertise across the humanities and sciences to enter careers such as teaching, policing, industry and commerce.

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Year 1

Compulsory modules include:
Code, Module, Convenor
AR1EMP, Early Empires: Mesopotamia, Egypt & Rome, PROF Roger Matthews
AR1MET, Archaeology today: methods and practice, MS Amanda Clarke
AR1REV, Revolutions in Human Behaviour: 4 Million Years BC to the Present, PROF Steve Mithen
Optional modules include:
Code, Module, Convenor
AR1FOR, Forensic Anthropology and the Archaeology of Death, DR Ceri Falys
AR1SOC, Contemporary world cultures: an introduction to social anthropology, DR Alanna Cant
AP1SB1, Introduction to Management, PROF Julian Park
CL1G1, Ancient Greek 1, MRS Jackie Baines
CL1GH, Greek History: war, society, and change in the Archaic Age, DR Emma Aston
CL1L1, Latin 1 (C), MRS Jackie Baines
CL1RH, Roman History: the rise and fall of the Republic, DR Andreas Gavrielatos
CL1SO, Ancient Song, PROF Ian Rutherford
CL1TR, Texts, Readers, and Writers, PROF Eleanor Dickey
EC110, The Economics of Climate Change, DR Stefania Lovo
FT1CSS, Comedy on Stage and Screen, DR Simone Knox
GV1QS, Introduction to Quaternary Science, PROF Nicholas Branch
HS1JH1, Journeys through History 1:Power and People, DR Daniel Renshaw
HS1JH2, Journeys through History 2: Culture and Concepts', PROF Anne Lawrence
LS1GL, Globalization and Language, DR Tony Capstick
MC1HPE, Museum History, Policy and Ethics, DR Rhi Smith
MC1PP, Presenting the Past, DR Rhi Smith
ML1IL, Introduction to Linguistics, MR Federico Faloppa
PO1FRE, Freedom, DR Andrew Reid
PP1GJ, Global Justice, MISS Michela Bariselli
PP1RP, Radical Philosophy, DR George Mason


Year 2

Compulsory modules include:
Code, Module, Convenor
AR2F12, Archaeology Fieldschool Single Honours, MS Amanda Clarke
AR2F20, Professional Practice, MS Amanda Clarke
AR2FAO, Ancient objects: materials and meanings, DR Andrew Souter
AR2TAH, Archaeology and heritage: past, present and future, PROF Duncan Garrow
Optional modules include:
Code, Module, Convenor
AR2F17, Forensic Archaeology and Crime Scene Analysis, PROF Mary Lewis
AR2M8, Medieval Europe: power, religion and death, DR Gabor Thomas
AR2P14, Prehistoric Europe: the first million years, DR Rob Hosfield
AR2R8, Rome's Mediterranean Empire, DR Andrew Souter
AR2SBI, Bioarchaeology, DR Aleks Pluskowski
AR2SCF2, Changing the Face of the Earth: Past, Present and Future Sustainability, DR Wendy Matthews
CL2AE, Ancient Epic, DR Christa Gray
CL2AEL, Ancient Egyptian Language and Hieroglyphs, PROF Rachel Mairs
CL2CGH, Greek History: Persian Wars to Alexander, PROF Timothy Duff
CL2DR, Ancient Drama, PROF Barbara Goff
CL2RO, Roman History: From Republic to Empire, PROF Annalisa Marzano
GV2GIS, Geographical Information Systems, DR Jess Neumann
GV2MPL, Summer Micro-Placement, DR Aleks Pluskowski
GV2PLA, Summer Placement, DR Aleks Pluskowski
GV2QCEC, Quaternary Climate and Environmental Change, PROF Nicholas Branch
LS2LAT, Introduction to English Language Teaching, MRS Suzanne Portch
LS2LNM, Language and New Media, PROF Rodney Jones
MC2CCM, Curatorship and Collections Management, DR Rhi Smith
MC2LE, Museum Learning and Engagement, DR Rhi Smith
ML2GF, Science, perversion, and dream in global fantastic literature, DR Alice Christensen
ML2STA, Society, Thought, and Art in Modern Europe, DR Veronica Heath
MM270, Practice of Entrepreneurship, DR Norbert Morawetz
MT2CC, The Science of Climate Change, PROF Nigel Arnell
PO2MIR, Modern International Relations, DR Joseph O' Mahoney
PO2PWS, Politics of the Welfare State, DR Brandon Beomseob Park
PO2THI, Political Thinking, DR Alice Baderin
PP2EA1, Ethical Argument 1: Philosophy and How to Live, DR Luke Elson
PP2GP1, Global Philosophy 1, MISS Michela Bariselli
PP2HKW1, Hume, Kant, and Wittgenstein 1, DR Severin Schroeder
PP2IDR1, Ignorance, Doubt, and Relativism 1, DR Jumbly Grindrod
PP2MM1, Meaning and the Mind 1, DR Jumbly Grindrod
PP2OID1, Oppression, Inequality, and the Enemies of Democracy 1, DR Charlotte Newey

Year 3

Compulsory modules include:
Code, Module, Convenor
AR3D1, Dissertation, DR Andrew Souter
Optional modules include:
Code, Module, Convenor
AR3F1, Post-Excavation: assessment, analysis & publication in the profession, MS Amanda Clarke
AR3HCP, The Anthropology of Heritage and Cultural Property, DR Alanna Cant
AR3P13, Emergence of Civilisation in Mesopotamia, PROF Roger Matthews
AR3R9, Archaeology of the City of Rome, DR Andrew Souter
AR3S18, Human Activities in Settlements and Landscapes, DR Rowena Banerjea
AR3S21, Biological anthropology, DR Ceri Falys
FB3NGLA, Genes, Lifestyle and Nutrition, DR Vimal Karani
GV3CC, Climate Change, PROF Maria Shahgedanova
GV3ESM, Ecosystems Modelling, DR Shovonlal Roy
GV3TRC, Tropical Rainforests, Climate & Lost Civilisations, PROF Frank Mayle
LS3IC, Intercultural Communications, DR Erhan Aslan
LW3CRY, Criminology, PROF Paul Almond
ML3IC, Identity and Conflict in Modern Europe, DR Athena Leoussi
ML3LP, Language and Power, MR Federico Faloppa
MM302, Entrepreneurial Project, MR Keith Heron
PO3FPT, Feminism and Political Theory, DR Maxime Lepoutre
PO3IPE, International Political Economy, DR Jonathan Golub
PO3USF, US Foreign and Defence Policy since 1950, DR Graham O'Dwyer
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Pathway Courses

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Career Opportunity

Career Opportunity

Previous graduates have gone on to work within the archaeological sector for companies such as:

  • Border Archaeology
  • MOLA Headland Infrastructure
  • Canterbury Trust.

Your interest in the past could also lead to a career in the heritage sector, perhaps in a museum or archive. For example, our students have joined:

  • Department for Culture and Media
  • Colchester Museum
  • Portable Antiquities Scheme.

Many graduates have pursued careers in other industries, working for:

  • Royal Air Force
  • UK Space Agency
  • Environment Agency
  • Thames Valley Police.

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