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Baguio English Communication Institute International (BECI)

Flag of Philippines Baguio, Philippines
School ID: SI630001
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Applied number: 100

BECI is the best English school in the Philippines in the form of Semi Sparta

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General description

Newly built BECI Language Academy with the concept of “Language Institute around Nature” has a perfect facility condition harmonized with a modernized building and green valley’s nature. BECI which considered as one of the top English Schools in Baguio boasts a conducive place for learning. Modern facilities, serene environment and location – overlooking a panoramic view of Baguio’s Pristine Mountains.

BECI have been conducting Speaking Prescription or SP Program that carefully criticizes errors of all the expressions, vocabularies, and grammar that students utter, and concentrated pronunciation remedy which is Rehab Program. These programs are known as BECI’s proud strengths that students can gain their own experience of qualitative improvement of language training in the Philippines.

Why Baguio English Communication Institute International (BECI)?

  • 15 years of excellence and counting: Commitment to quality education allowed BECI to stay strong for 15 years. While other ESL schools come and go, BECI stood strong as it continues to be one of the ESL industry’s leaders in the Philippines.
  • Green and Clean environment

-BECI environment guarantees a satisfying stay and allows students to study with a relaxing ambiance.

-BECI’s quality education is achieved through ESL certified and experienced teachers and the most conducive to learning campus. BECI is nestled in the middle of nature, the most conducive to learning.

  • 100% English at work (Mixed Nationalities): Since BECI has different nationalities English is widely spoken in the campus to converse with BECI people.
  • Training Upgrade: BECI offer more than ESL, they have opened additional programs to make you globally competitive.
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Avg Cost/12 weeks * USD$ 4,140
* Tuition + accommodation
Application Fee USD$ 100
Estimated Total/12 weeks USD$ 4,240

Main majors

  • SPEED ESL (Semi-Sparta Program)
  • SPARTA ESL (Sparta Program)



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