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Biology B.S
Biology B.S

Biology B.S

  • ID:MC10010
  • Level:4-Year Bachelor's Degree
  • Duration:
  • Intake:
  • Type:Full-time

Fees (USD)

  • Application Fee:$195.00
  • TuitionFee/Year:$42,140.00
  • LivingFee/Year:$9,908.00
  • InsuranceFee/Year:$1,999.00
  • Application Fee:$195.00
  • TuitionFee/Year:$42,140.00
  • LivingFee/Year:$9,908.00
  • InsuranceFee/Year:$1,999.00
Estimated Total/program:
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Admission Requirements

Entry Requirement

  • Once an international applicant had been admitted to Monmouth College, Students must submit the following before we can issue an I-20:

    • A copy of their passport to confirm information for the form I-20.

    • The International Student Certification of Finances Form(opens in a new tab), and (if relevant) Sponsor’s Affidavit of Support. This information is exactly replicated on your I-20, so you should be exact, precisely accurate and truthful.

    • Proof of available funds in the form of a bank statement(s), loan award letter, private or governmental scholarship award letter. For each source of funds you list in the year-by-year funding-sources table in our International Student Certification of Finances Form, you should include documentation of funds in the form of a bank statement, etc.

English Requirement

  • To be considered for admission, all applicants should submit:

    • An application. International first-year or transfer applicants to Monmouth should first submit an application for admission by completing either the Common Application or the Monmouth College application. Students only need to complete one, not both, of these options. 

    • Copies of your official transcripts and exam marks from all secondary schools and institutions of higher education attended. All documents must be accompanied by a translation into English if the original documents in another language.

    • A secondary piece of evidence documenting academic ability. To satisfy this requirement, students may submit official SAT or ACT scores, an essay or writing statement, or a graded paper or piece of academic work. We are proudly test optional, so SAT or ACT scores are not required, but international applicants who choose to apply without SAT or ACT scores must provide an essay, graded paper or some other academic supporting document, and must still demonstrate English proficiency.

    • Demonstration of English proficiency. Monmouth College requires a minimum TOEFL score of 79 IBT or 550 PBT, a minimum 6.5 IELTS score, or a minimum 100 Duolingo test score. This requirement may be waived for students who attend a high school in which the primary language of instruction is English.

Course Information

Our biology curriculum offers an opportunity for students to understand the structures and processes that characterize life and appreciate the tremendous diversity of living organisms.

Course work is balanced among three scales of biological organization: cell and molecular biology; physiology and organismal biology; and ecology and evolutionary biology.

An important component of the major is independent research that enables students to become familiar with the process of science by investigating a specific biological problem in the laboratory or field. With several local research areas – including a nature preserve and our Educational Garden & Farm – there are no shortage of hands-on learning opportunities. 

Most courses are extensive rather than intensive in content, providing students with considerable breadth in the biological sciences as a whole. An emphasis in Global Food Security may also be added to this major as a minor.

More info: Click here

Biology major required courses

  • BIOL 150 Investigating Biological Concepts

  • BIOL 155 Evolution, Ecology & Diversity

  • BIOL 202 Genetics

  • CHEM 140 General Chemistry

  • BIOL 210 Research Methods

  • BIOL 440 & 450 Research I & II

  • BIOL 350 Science Seminar, 2 semesters

Four additional required BIOL electives (upper level, 200 and up)

These would vary depending on the student. Students can pick any four

Health careers or cell and molecular research:

  • BIOL 200 Cell Biology

  • BIOL 204 Anatomy and Physiology

  • BIOL 302 Microbiology

  • BIOL 320 Parasitology

  • BIOL 325 Advanced Physiology

Ecology and Conservation:

  • BIOL 201 Field Botany

  • BIOL 307 Ecology

  • BIOL 315 Conservation Biology

  • BIOL 333 Evolution

  • BIOL 345 Animal Behavior

Three additional required Math and Science electives (pick 3)

  • MATH 201 Statistics I

  • MATH 151 Calculus I

  • MATH 152 Calculus II (151 prerequisite)

  • PHYS 130 Physics I (MATH 151 corequisite)

  • PHYS 132 Physics II (MATH 152 corequisite)

  • PHYS 214 Computational Methods (PHYS 132 and COMP 160 prerequisites)

  • PHYS 267 Dynamics of Atmosphere (130 prerequisite, 132 corequisite)

  • CHEM 220 Analytical

  • CHEM 228 Organic I (220 prerequisite)

  • CHEM 230 Organic II (220 and 228 prerequisites)

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