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Birmingham International College of Canada (BICC)

Flag of Canada Ontario, Canada
School ID: SC010007
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General description

Birmingham International Collegiate of Canada has credit granting authority per the Ontario Ministry of Education. We are a private school catering primarily to international students. We offer a wide ranger of courses specifically designed and catered for University Preparation. At Birmingham International Collegiate of Canada, we provide our students with education at a superior academic level in an environment that fosters a positive self-image and encourages each student to develop to his or her full potential. We strive to educate and equip our students to become leaders and valuable representatives in the Canadian and international community. We believe that superior education is needed in order to succeed in our very competitive environment. Our highly qualified and dedicated staff is committed to providing students with the highest quality instruction, in a well-resourced environment necessary for optimal learning. Also, our smaller class sizes ensure personalized attention and our teachers strive to motivate, inspire and challenge each student every day in class.

Why Birmingham International Collegiate of Canada?

BICC is accredited by Languages Canada, a not-for-profit association representing more than 225 language education member programs across Canada that offer accredited English and French programs from both the public and private sectors. BICC has an unique way of organizing its system which gives students lots of opportunities to learn what is necessary for their career. Students can choose suitable timetable and focus on important subjects, strengthen knowledge about their study areas. In addition, teachers and counsellors are required high standards to be hired, so BICC offered a qualified and professional team who always take care of students as their second parents. Mostly, the biggest obstacle for international students is English. Understanding that problem, BICC offers a variety of English courses starting from ESL level A to grade 12 in order to help students improve their second language base. Coming to an end, Birmingham International Collegiate of Canada is worthy to be in the top consideration of Toronto if you are planning to study high school abroad; where you could strengthen your posibility to get accepted by your dream university.

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Avg Cost of Tuition/Year $CAD 20,000
Cost of Living/Year $CAD 11,000
Application Fee $CAD 0
Estimated Total/Year $CAD 31,000

Main majors

  • Business and Computer Science
  • Social Science and Humanities
  • Mathematics
  • Visual Arts


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