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Geneva Business School is ranked 57th out of the World’s top 100 business schools, and the 2nd top business school in Switzerland, according to CEOWORLD Magazine in 2021. 

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General description

Ranked as the 8th city in the world in terms of quality of living in 2018, Geneva beautifully blends sophistication, culture, and breathtaking scenery to create one of the most prized destinations for students coming from all over the world.

Our Geneva Campus is located in the heart of the International District, the worldwide headquarter of diplomacy, and home of the Palace of Nations and the World Trade Organization.

Our enviable location in Geneva offers students incredible possibilities of networking and internships in the city’s top financial and international maintaining a close proximity to the campus.

With three official languages and a population made up of over 190 nationalities, Geneva is a premier cosmopolitan hub spot for business, international relations, and tourism.

Geneva’s undeniable old-world charm and picturesque streets lined with boutiques, restaurants, and hotels, combined with its state of the art financial, commercial and diplomatic facilities, make it one of the most attractive cities in which to pursue a business degree.

Why choose us?



Our philosophy, clearly demonstrated across our campus network, is to employ highly-educated and professionally-active faculty members to teach our students. Our current faculty have excellent academic credentials and, for this reason, many leave their offices and busineses to teach students at GBS, before returning later in the day to their regular working lives.


GBS combines the US system for accreditation and quality control, the European (Bologna) system for credits (ECTS) and the Swiss grading system. The numerous international accreditations that GBS holds, allows the transfer of credits and ensures that GBS is in line with the quality-control benchmarks of other high-quality business schools around the world.


Our head office is based in Geneva, but we have other GBS campuses and partner campuses around the world. There is also an exchange program, giving students the possibility to transfer between our main campuses for a semester, allowing for a truly international experience. There are over 60 nationalities currently represented.


With the assistance of the GBS student council, students quickly recognize that participating in activities outside of the classroom is just as important as those within the classroom. We support our students in maintaining healthy lifestyles, creating an active professional network, and engaging in the wider community.


At Geneva Business School we provide an exclusive education in a vibrant and innovative environment, inspired by Swiss quality education. Through the concentration of core, orientation and elective courses, GBS strives to provide the best foundation for all of our students with an emphasis on small class sizes and personalized mentoring.


Our programs are regularly updated to respond to changing market conditions, because of the continuous feedback from our professionally-active professors, our alumni and our network of business and industry contacts. Students are able to cover all aspects of business but also still have the possibility to focus on their preferred specialist areas of study.


Geneva boasts the shortest commuting time of any major city in the world. From the airport to the city centre in just 10 minutes, travelling and commuting with Geneva’s public transportation system is as efficient as Swiss clockwork. It is also worth mentioning that Geneva is only a two-hour plane ride from just about every major European city, and offers countless incredible destinations easily accessible by train

Your life

The perks of living in Geneva are countless. Its worldly atmosphere and alpine setting creates beautiful contrasts. Dynamic yet peaceful, cosmopolitan yet charming.

Bordered by France, Germany and Italy, its location is central and affords many weekend travel opportunities.

Geneva has all the first-rate amenities to make student life easy, and boasts an impressive gastronomy and cultural life.

One of the cleanest cities in the world, it is also one of its most efficient as well as productive, with a highly skilled and competitive workforce.

Your class

The classrooms are spacious and modern and are equipped with all the necessary audiovisual equipment to support our technological, paperless teaching methods.

Filled with natural light and peaceful colors, our classrooms are ideal environments in which to learn, discuss, and create.

Your Opportunity

The Geneva campus is surrounded by 140+ multinational offices, 320+ banks and financial institutions, and 300+ NGOs, making this one of the best city in which to find an internship or job opportunity.

Geneva also boasts one of the most highly-skilled, competent workforces in the world, ensuring that students who do an internship or find a job in the city will be very well-trained.

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Avg Cost of Tuition/Year CHF$ 28,900
Cost of Living/Year CHF$ 12,100
Application Fee CHF$ 160
Estimated Total/Year CHF$ 41,160


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