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Gladstone Secondary School

Flag of Canada British Columbia, Canada
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We want to welcome all students, staff and parents to Gladstone Secondary School. Our school is committed to supporting engaged learners and fostering a caring and inclusive school community. 

We welcome learners of all types and invite you to contact our staff to learn more about the wide-range of excellent educational programs and services we offer at our school.

Why choose us

Gladstone Secondary School is a community of learners dedicated to providing young people with opportunities to prepare themselves for complex and changing futures.  Our purpose is to guide learners toward the acquisition of attitudes, skills and knowledge needed to interact in an increasingly complex society; to develop critical thinking; and to encourage active participation as socially responsible and contributing members of a community.

Our expectation is that all learners will benefit from a wide variety of teaching and learning experiences.  We believe in our students’ ability to be successful and to achieve even more success; we encourage all members of our community to take the opportunity to grow and challenge themselves; to work to their potential; and to continue learning throughout their lives.

Our vision of success centres on academic success, social responsibility and leadership.  The core of this vision is that students are successful in attaining the academic goals of high school, mastering the academic knowledge and skills required for success at each level and earning the credits for graduation.  Along with this, we want students to become effective learners who take responsibility for their own learning, persist in the face of difficulties, and find intrinsic value in the work that they do.  This means solving real problems, making a difference in the world, feeling respected, and learning from and with each other, as well as experts.  Finally, we want students to embrace their role in shaping a safe, welcoming and supportive school community, by developing and demonstrating the personal skills, habits and character traits that are essential to lifelong learning and success in adult roles.

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