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Keysborough College

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International students at Keysborough College who successfully complete Year 12 gain university entry qualifications in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).

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General Description:

As a leading school in Melbourne’s southeast, Keysborough College is a place where education matters.

We offer a dynamic, vibrant learning community that encourages students to seek and embrace opportunities in a supportive environment and prepare them for the challenges of our rapidly changing world.

As learners today and leaders tomorrow, we understand and value respect, excellence and diversity.

Respect — We recognise the thoughts, feelings and concerns of others, interact with them in a sensitive and considerate way and value their contribution. Through respect for others and self we can make our world a more harmonious place for all.

Excellence — Students gain a sense of satisfaction and develop feelings of self worth when they experience achievement and success. We promote high expectations, encourage a desire to do one’s best and aim to continually improve.

Diversity — We value individual difference, ensure equal access to opportunities and provide support for our diverse communities. Embracing the diversity of humanity adds richness to our lives.

The College is in a highly multicultural area of South East Melbourne with more than half of the residents born overseas in countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka and Sudan.

Consequently a high percentage of students have a language background other than English.

Why choose us?

Gain university entry from a wide range of academic subjects

  • International students at Keysborough College who successfully complete Year 12 gain university entry qualifications in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).
  • Many international students focus on Science, Mathematics, Commerce, Information Technologies and a wide range of additional subjects which allow them to pursue other areas of interest.
  • Many successful students go on to study at Monash University, Melbourne University, or at a TAFE College.

On site English Language Centre

  • Students benefit from small group learning with caring EAL teachers.
  • Students may begin studies immediately in our school environment.
  • We provide a smooth transition into college life when starting mainstream courses. Regular contact to help parents stay informed
  • Parents of our international students are kept well informed about the progress of their sons and daughters through a regular college newsletter which is sent to all parents. All parents receive an appropriately translated written report on student progress each term.
  • We welcome and encourage regular communication between parents and the school throughout the year. Our International Student Coordinators make regular direct contact with parents in order to answer any questions or provide important information as required.
  • • School representatives run parent-teacher interviews overseas yearly, meeting with parents face to face.

Benefit from additional classes and education aides

  • Our school has many Multicultural Education Aides and a number of teachers who speak a second language.
  • Multicultural Educational Aides are allocated time to work closely with international students individually and in small groups. They provide extra tuition in each student’s studies.
  • Extra help classes are created to address individual needs.
  • International students have ready access in studying their native languages at all year levels.

All international students receive individual course selection and careers counselling. They also obtain assistance in completing their required paperwork

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Avg Cost of tuition/Year AU$14,637
Cost of living/Year AU$20,290
Application fee AU$263
Estimated Total/Year AU$35,190

Main majors

  • Primary: Prep – Grade 6
  • Junior Secondary: Years 7 – 10
  • Senior Secodary: Years 11 – 12


  • Term 1: January
  • Term 2: April
  • Term 3: July
  • Term 4: October
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