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Kings Education empower international students to achieve their fullest ambitions – whether graduating from leading universities in the USA and UK or developing English skills for life.

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General description

At Kings, our personal approach means not only that our students perform well academically, but also that they are closely supported in both the decision-making and application process when it comes to university progression.  Here, some of our most recent graduates talk about their UK university experience and how their time at Kings helped them get where they are today. We place the needs of each student at the centre of our entire approach to learning. We aspire to create a personalised plan and pathway for each one of our students. At Kings we value our students above all else. We recognise the immense contribution they make, collectively and individually, towards ensuring our learning communities are rich, dynamic and purposeful. With decades of experience in the unique needs of international students, we are dedicated to educating and mentoring them in ways which recognise their individual ambitions, and which will make a real difference to their available range of skills, experiences and future opportunities.

Why choose us?

A learning community in which people:

  • acquire new knowledge and understanding
  • enjoy the experience of learning

A tolerant community whose members:

  • accept that people from different cultures may think, believe and behave differently
  • enjoy these differences and try to learn from them

A courteous community whose members:

  • are proud of the cultures they represent but can adapt in order to get on with others
  • understand that others may judge their culture by the way they behave
  • want to be better communicators, within and between cultures

A generous community in which people:

  • help one another to learn
  • understand that all learners have different needs which can not all be met at the same time

A hard-working community where people:

  • know that to make progress in learning they need to study
  • understand that they must take responsibility for their own learning

An ambitious community whose members:

  • try to achieve the highest standards in everything they do
  • want to be better citizens of the world

An innovative community whose members:

  • champion creativity and a spirit of enquiry
  • challenge and seek to improve the way they do things
  • seek to raise awareness of social and environmental issues

A caring community whose members:

  • treat people with fairness and integrity
  • take practical, daily steps to protect our environment and planet
  • give generously in time, money and spirit to local and global community projects
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Cost of Living/Year £11,500
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Main majors

  • English Plus Art and Design
  • English Plus Business and Finance
  • English Plus Business and Leadership
  • English for Fashion, Art and Design


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