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Nishinihon International Education Institute

Flag of Japan Fukuoka, Japan
School ID: SI810001
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Applied number: 100

The school has been recognized by the Immigration Department as an excellent school.

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General description

Nishinihon International Education Institute was founded in 1993 and has a lot of experience in educating foreign students Japanese and all paper work related.

This school offers not only just Japanese language education, but also Japanese rule, manners, and etiquettes to help students achieve their dreams. There are students from over 10 countries especially from Asian countries. In this international environment, students can experience other cultures and have opportunities to understand each other. 

Why Nishinihon International Education Institute?

  • Small class formation according to the ability and effective Japanese education by experience - rich teachers.
  • Incredible records with more than 6.000 graduates over 24 years. Students here with fun because of the original curriculum and class placement depending on each student’s level.
  • To study about Japanese culture and Japanese all affairs feeling and learn practical use Japanese conversation
  • To learn ability for general Japanese for preparing studying at universities and junior colleges
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Wards and Scholarship
Co-op Option
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Avg Cost of Tuition/Year JPY¥ 660,000
Cost of Living/Year JPY¥ 720,000
Application Fee JPY¥ 30,000
Estimated Total/Year JPY¥1,410,000

Main majors

  • College and University Course
  • College Preparatory Course 
  • Short-term course
  • Japanese (all levels)




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