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Pal Buddhist School (PAL)

Flag of Australia New South Wales, Australia
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Pal Buddhist School is Australia’s first Buddhist Secondary School

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General Description

Pal Buddhist School is a non-profit organisation and provides an exceptional education that is accredited by the Australian Department of Education for certification from Primary School up to and including the Higher School Certificate (HSC). We are a leader in educational teaching technology and innovation; being one of a very rare number of schools that has developed and implemented a “paperless classroom” system. We term this new way of learning, the 4D Learning Experience: where learning is informative and transformative; where good practice and efficiency are integrated into a student’s life and habits; where our students can learn anytime, any place and with a peer, group or teacher support. Being the first and only Buddhist High School in Australia, we incorporate the Buddhist philosophy into everyday teaching, as a matter of passing on moral and virtuous behaviour, good character and wisdom. At Pal Buddhist School, students learn these values by action. Our students engage actively in charity and leadership, both internally in the school as well as externally such as the local community, and nationally around the state and country.

Through the mindful selection of appropriate opportunities, our students learn the following FOUR virtues (which derive from the Buddha’s teaching): compassion, loving kindness, selfless joy and equanimity. Thus, we are not a religious school in the sense that we hold to any ideas on the basis of pure faith and mere dogma, or in the sense that we use faith as a trump-card to reason. Rather we are a School of science in its truest sense: we aim to foster in our students a love of the pursuit of truth in all domains, the material and the spiritual, the discovered as well as the undiscovered.

Why choose us?

Located on First Avenue, directly opposite the Canley Vale Railway Station, the School is conveniently positioned to attract a diversity of students from the greater Sydney region and from around the world.

Founded in 2013, the School’s mission is to provide quality education through an academic-based curriculum in an environment that fosters respect, cultural diversity and inclusivity.

Pal students find joy and excitement in learning, creating and sharing their talents. Teachers and staff are passionate about their core business of education: to create in students the love of learning and the motivation to improve their life.

Teaching and learning take place in medium size classes with Teachers focused on gifted and talented education with motivated students. The small Teacher/student ratio is a significant factor in the delivery of curriculum at the School. The School attracts students who are looking for small classes and individualised attention.

The curriculum is tailored to encourage academic and personal success and is complemented by a diverse choice of programmes in performing and visual arts, sport, music and experiential camps. Our vision is to provide an inspirational education where each student develops his/her personal best. Our Home Room Welfare Programme is integral to our students’ well-being and performance

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Avg Cost of tuition/Year AU$18,500
Cost of living/Year AU$18,000
Application fee AU$200
Estimated Total fee/Year AU$36,700

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Year 7 to Year 12


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