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Philinter Education Center

Flag of Philippines Cebu, Philippines
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Awarded a national award with the title of best customer service, Philinter has a dedicated staff, always looking forward to bringing the best service.

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General description

Philinter Education Center was established on June 2003, to provide an optimal English education for non- English speaking students.

Philinter offers a very tight learning schedule to students. This includes homework and other extended educational activities other than the regular classes. Most regular classes have a span of 45 minutes per period which is taught by very efficient and effective section teachers.

Moreover, from May, 2012, Philinter has been the only school that has made a quota system on the students’ nationality and a standard tuition fee system and because of this, Philinter has become exceptional among other ESL schools.

And in the purpose of having a more unique program- oriented development, Philinter does its best to provide high quality service to students and with this, Philinter has become the first member of ALTO (an international organization) in the Philippines on January 2013.

Why Philinter Education Center?

  • Great location: The school provide 24/7 security with green campus and comfortable facilities
  • Standardized Framework: High quality teaching and learning with various courses, regular assessment and standard scoring system
  • Balance of Nationalities: The school has a balance in the influx ratio of foreign learners in Philinter for an environment set for active communication.
  • Student Services: Nationally awarded as one of the nation’s best customer-related services, Philinter has a whole wide range of personal services for students.
  • Philinter Education Center was awarded “Best English education learning center (Cebu Awards)” by the National Product Quality Excellence Awards 2015 & 2016; “Best English education learning center” by Golden Global Annual Awards for Business Execellence 2015.
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