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Qualicum School District

Flag of Canada British Columbia, Canada
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The Qualicum School District is centrally situated on east Vancouver Island

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General Description

The Qualicum School District is centrally situated on east Vancouver Island and serves a student population of approximately 4000 students. There are eight elementary schools (Grades K-7), two secondary schools (Grades 8-12), an alternate school (PASS/Woodwinds) and a Distributed Learning program to support home-learning families called the Collaborative Education Alternative Program (CEAP). The district French Immersion program is available at Oceanside Elementary and Ballenas Secondary Schools.

As a major employer in the area, the School District contributes to the local economy. The district's commitment to environmental sustainability through energy and water-saving programs, fuel choices and fuel efficiencies, recycling, and other measures contributes to reducing the area's carbon footprint. This committment is shared not only with staff but also with our students.

School District 69 welcomes community organizations and community members into our schools. Parents, seniors, peer and intergenerational mentors can be found in various programs throughout our district. The Board of Education's mandate has expanded beyond K-12 to include early and adult learning. This underscores the work the district has undertaken both in the early years - through Building Learning Together, and in adult years - through Adult and Continuing Education programs. Our work with Oceanside Literacy Now is helping us look at the resources in the community for literacy support as well as gaps we need to address.

Our communities support our schools in a variety of ways. Support for school events, fundraisers, and scholarships for graduating students all point to the phenomenal support our students and schools have from businesses, organizations, service groups and individuals.

Why choose us?

Qualicum School District provides international students from all over the world the opportunity to live with a local family, study in a Canadian school and enjoy the wonderful quality of life we enjoy on Vancouver Island.

As one of the goals of many of our students is to gain acceptance into Canadian and American universities, our programs are designed to assist them in doing so. We offer a very strong and comprehensive English as a Second Language (ESL) program with specially trained and experienced instructors to ensure International Students have the best instruction possible.

Qualicum School District has an abundance of athletic, arts and cultural organizations. There are many opportunities for our children and youth to participate in Music, Dance, Theatre and Fine Arts. Athletes have the opportunity to pursue their passions and excel at many team sports including basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, ice hockey, rugby and American football. Individual sports include tennis, golf, swimming, hand ball, skiing, snowboarding, horseback riding, karate, and taekwondo. Our Academy Programs include Golf, Soccer, Music and Hockey.

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Avg Cost of tuition/Year CA$ 14,000
Cost of living/Year CA$ 14,400
Application fee CA$ 150
Estimated Total/Year CA$ 28.550

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Grade 8 to 12


  • S1: September
  • S2: January
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