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The Asian Thought Leaders’ Case Competitions provide students with the world skills needed for the work force. SolBridge International School of Business is the youngest institution to receive the AACSB accreditation.

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SolBridge prepares students to be the Next Generation of Asian Thought Leaders in the fast growing and rapidly changing Asian economy. Its partnerships exist with Georgia Institute of Technology,U.C. Berkeley, Beijing Foreign Studies University and University of Hull (UK), Meiji University (Japan) and Graduate School of Business Administration.

SolBridge is the first business school in Korea with an international faculty and student body (international students make-up 60 to 80% of each class). All courses are taught in English following an American curriculum model. SolBridge graduates now work in nations around the world. SolBridge is one of Korea's 15 universities that have been accredited by the AACSB board of executives. SolBridge is the youngest business school in AACSB's history to receive this accreditation, receiving the accreditation just 7 years after establishment.

Why SolBridge International School of Business?

SolBridge is unique among business schools for several reasons:

  • Located in Korea, all classes are taught in English (except for the language classes), and we expect students to be fluent in Chinese or Korean upon graduation.
  • 80% of our faculty are international professors with degrees from prestigious universities.
  • Students are taught under an international business model.
  • Strong focus on Asia, through diverse academic and cultural programs.
  • An international student body with students representing more than 56 different countries.
  • A balance between theory and practice through immersion programs, special lectures, workshops, and internships.
  • The CAP (Career Advisor Professor) program allows students to receive advice from a professor from an area of the world and create their career plans.
  • BBA and MBA students participating in the CEO Mentoring Program have the chance to receive guidance from experienced people in the corporate world.
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Avg Cost of Tuition/Year USD$ 12.000
Cost of Living/Year USD$ 6.630
Application Fee USD$ 0
Estimated Total/Year USD$ 18.630

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