Things you should know before applying for a scholarship

It takes a lot of time and efforts to apply for a scholarship sucessfully. Many international students have to spend years of hard study getting a scholarship. There are also ones who have carefully prepared but not succeed. To help you to get a scholarship more easily, ApplyZones would like to guide you the process to earn yourself a satisfactory scholarship.

The scholarship is divided into 2 types: full and partial scholarships
The scholarship is divided into 2 types: full and partial scholarships

Find out which schools and programs are right for you

Before deciding to apply for a scholarship at any school, students need to find out carefully. This involves comparing quality between schools, tuition fees, study programs, support, extracurricular activities, social and personal development. Currently, there are many foreign universities with cheap tuition and top-quality education. Besides, there are many schools with low tuition fee but high employment opportunity.

After finding the school of your interest, you need to find out if the study program you want to apply for has a scholarship and whether the scholarship is full or partial. Next, you need to find out about the school's requirements and conditions. Each school will have different application procedures and requirements, which are posted on the website.

In addition, students can also actively email the school to inquire about scholarship information.

Improve your GPA make it easier to apply for a scholarship

Most high school students who wish to hunt for scholarships foreign university need to have a high GPA and English certificate required. You need to take care of your academic transcript from grade 9 to grade 12, the final score must be between 8.0 and 9.0. These criteria will make it easier for you to apply for your scholarship and your pass rate will be higher. The GPA of 7.0 will be an excellent opportunity for students applying for postgraduate scholarships. GPA scores are only part of the scholarship requirements, not the only requirement. In order for your application to be reviewed, students need to prepare a lot of papers and certificates.

Improve foreign language skills

International students will be required to provide some English language certificates when applying for scholarships.


For each school, each different study program will have different requirements for English language proficiency. Students can choose one of their strengths and then take the exam. The full scholarship programs require an IELTS score of 6.5 and a TOEFL score is 79.


Depending on the school and major you are applying for, there will be different requirements for GMAT and GRE scores. However, some schools do not require this certificate and still consider scholarships for students.


These are two entrance exams for international students in the United States.

• American College Testing (ACT): includes English, Maths, Science, Reading. If international students score 25/36 in the exam, it will be a great support to get a scholarship to study abroad.

• Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT): This is a test of thinking, writing and math. If you get from 1700 to 1800/2400, the chance of getting a scholarship will be higher than the others.

Participate in extracurricular activities 

This is quite different from the universities in Vietnam. The foreign schools attach great importance to extracurricular activities. This can be considered as an advantage for students. The certificate of extracurricular activities, social will help you increase the chance of successful scholarship application.

Participating in public activities, extracurricular activities in society will help you receive plus points when applying for scholarships from foreign universities.

Find out scholarship information through ApplyZones

In addition to the necessary and important papers, we mentioned above. Students need to use the help of overseas study consultants to save time and money. ApplyZones is the most accurate and fastest online study abroad platform for students who want to study and work abroad.

With ApplyZones' smart platform, you can gather as much information as you need about the school, tuition, study programs, entry requirements and scholarship programs. Besides, you can also apply directly to the school when you need to enroll or apply for a scholarship. With the smart ApplyZones’ platform, international students will save time and cost to the maximum.

Finding yourself a scholarship to study abroad is not too difficult. If you are in need, you should not ignore the ApplyZones online study abroad platform. We hope that the information will be the key to brighten the students’ future.


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