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Urban International School (UIS) - Eglinton Campus

Flag of Canada Ontario, Canada
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At UIS, there are more interactive classroom activities such as music performances

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General Description

Urban International School (UIS) is a private high school, fully inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education We offer a specialized academic program that is geared specifically for students who wish to pursue higher education here in Canada and abroad. Depending on the program the student wishes to pursue, UIS focuses on the academic requirement of the program to ensure that the student fulfills them, increasing the chance for success. We always promote communication between students and teachers since we believe it will help students achieve success academically and personally.

As well as our academic program, UIS understands that with the changing focus of society, we offer specialty programs like media studies, art (fine arts, photography), and communications technology in order to meet the needs of our current student body. Our graduates have been accepted to many prestigious universities such as University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, University of British Columbia, McMaster University, McGill University and more.

UIS provides courses ranging from Grade 9 to Grade 12. More than 100 students walk through UIS on a yearly basis. Our student body includes students from all around the world including Europe, Middle Eastern countries and Asian countries. Teachers at UIS are Ontario Certified Teachers.

Why choose us?

At UIS, there are more interactive classroom activities such as music performances. The teachers at UIS are always willing to help students adapt to the different expectations and behaviors of Canadian culture. Through different interactive classroom activities, I am able to practice your speaking and listening skills. Moreover, teachers at UIS give students a lot of advice on how to improve your English skills. The teachers and staff at UIS are very friendly and professional. They provide hands-on assistance with OUAC and application essays.

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Avg Cost of tuition/Year CA$ 15,150
Cost of living/Year CA$ 14,400
Application fee CA$ 150
Estimated Total/Year CA$ 29,700

Main majors

Grade 9 to 12


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