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William Academy - Cobourg Campus

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Every year, many of Canada’s top universities, including the University of Toronto.

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Welcome to William Academy

With extensive experience working with students from around the world, William Academy has developed a reputation for innovation and excellence. William Academy is a co-educational private school listed on the Ministry of Education’s website with BSID number 889106 and 668187. It offers a range of classes from Grade 7 to 12, including university preparatory courses, art programs, sports programs, language programs, AP (Advanced Placement) courses, summer camp, exchange program, as well as Online courses.

William Academy believes that each student has the potential to thrive when given the right support and opportunities. The school emphasizes strong academic performances and social responsibility. Students who attend William Academy will be provided opportunities to acquire knowledge as well as attain the skills and values that will assist them in becoming contributing members of society. William Academy is dedicated to the development of the whole person, stressing the personal self-esteem and worth of the student and the teacher.

Every year, many of Canada’s top universities, including the University of Toronto, Waterloo University, and York University, host recruiting events at William Academy campus.

As well, the acceptance rate to these universities and colleges is over 96% with many graduates receiving scholarships.

At William, you step in as a student (local or international), and step out as a future global leader!

Why choose Cobourg Campus

  • William Academy Cobourg is only 300 metres walking distance from one of the nicest beach fronts in Ontario. Cobourg is a wonderful place for international students to learn about Canadian culture. A range of sporting and cultural activities will accelerate students’ English language ability and just as importantly give them insight into Canadian culture. Every year, William Academy runs a summer and winter camp in Cobourg.
  • Regardless of the campus selected, school staff will be on hand to help your child integrate into the school community and Canadian society as a whole.

William Academy’s acceptance rate to North America’s top universities and colleges has been over 96%

Every year, many of Canada’s top universities, including the University of Toronto, host recruiting events at William Academy, and our acceptance rate to these universities and colleges is over 96% with many graduates receiving scholarships.

Small Classes, and 1 on 1 tutorials

Small classes allow teachers and students greater opportunities to share ideas and for teachers to provide students with frequent, meaningful feedback on their progress. Difficulties in particular subject areas can be identified earlier and improvement plans can be tailored to meet students’ needs. Teachers are able to provide all students with the attention they require.

Safe Study and Living Environment

William Academy offers students a home away from home. Services include airport pickup, well-appointed accommodation including private bathrooms, cafeteria and study facilities. Student dormitories at William Academy are second to none. William Academy provides an ideal environment for living and studying, and endeavours to make every student feel comfortable. Students at William Academy are well taken care of by experienced dormitory staff and are provided with both independence and supervision.

Rich Afterschool Activities to Develop Creativities, Interpersonal and Leadership Skills

In order to help our students develop their creativity and leadership skills, William Academy offers extra-curricular activities including student council, etiquette training, clubs, student newspaper, summer/winter camps, universities tours and a range of sporting opportunities. These activities enhance our students’ confidence to overcome any challenge they may face in the future and assists them in developing skills in teamwork and leadership.

William Academy places strong emphasis on academic performance as well as on cultivating students’ practical abilities, logical and strategic thinking, and independence and leadership skills. Graduates will not only be confident facing the challenges of tomorrow, but also become global leaders in their chosen careers.

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Av Cost of Tuition/Year CAD$19,800
Cost of living/Year CAD$18,000
Application fee CAD$300
Estimated Total/Year CAD$38,100

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  • Grade 7 to 12

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