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Advanced Diploma of Visual and Creative Arts
Advanced Diploma of Visual and Creative Arts

Advanced Diploma of Visual and Creative Arts

  • ID:SC010098
  • Level:3-Year Undergraduate Advanced Diploma
  • Duration:
  • Intake:

Fees (CAD)

* Health Science Pre-Admission Testing Charge, Identification Card

Estimated Total/program:
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Admission Requirements

Entry requirements:

Program Eligibility

Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent, including these required courses:

  • One English, Grade 12, minimum 65%


Mature student status.

English requirements:

  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), 80 (20L,W,S,R) iBT (Internet-based TOEFL) or 550 Paper-based

  • TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition**, 80 (20L,W,S,R)

  • iTEP Academic**, 3.7

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Academic Module, 6 – Overall Band Score with no Band below 5.5

  • PTE A (Pearson Test of English Academic), 58 - Overall Minimum Score  (49L,W,S,R)

  • FCE (Cambridge English First), 174 - Cambridge English Scale or FCE B

  • CAE (Cambridge English: Advanced), 180 - Cambridge English Scale or CAE C

  • CPE (Cambridge English Proficiency), 200 - Cambridge English Scale or CPE C

  • Sheridan EAP (English for Academic Purposes), 70%

  • Sheridan EPA (English Proficiency Assessment), 4.0 – Listening Band 4.0 – Reading Combined Band CLB 7 – Writing  

Other requirements:

  • Applicant Selection

  • Eligible applicants are selected on the basis of their previous academic achievement (the average of their six highest senior-level credits, including required courses).

  • Applicants who do not meet the admission requirements for this program will be assessed and advised individually and may be considered for other, related programs.

Course Information

Whether you're looking for a robust foundational Art and Design education or an advanced diploma, our unique studio-based training combined with business and marketing coursework will satisfy any student wishing to pursue a career in the visual culture industry.

An outstanding visual arts education

Sheridan is the only visual arts college in Canada where you can:

  • Establish your identity as an artist.

  • Build up a body of mature work.

  • Understand the business practices of galleries, museums, commercial firms, and other players in the art marketplace.

It starts with the art

You'll make art from day one, taking visual arts courses during Year 1 in drawing, painting, sculpture and design. From there you'll build progressively toward mastery of an individual visual arts skill-set. Students can earn a college certificate after one year, a diploma after two years, or an advanced diploma by remaining in the program for a third year.

Unique studio-based training

Sheridan offers a visual arts program like no other. We combine rigorous studio-based visual arts training with business and marketing coursework to produce a unique education in "entrepreneurial art." You'll develop more than a portfolio; you'll also develop the professionalism necessary for a successful career in the vibrant visual arts and culture sector.

Additional information

During the second year (and third year, if applicable), you'll learn to integrate your studio skills with art-related careers, learning the basics of:

  • Artist representation

  • Gallery operation

  • Online visual art applications (including web design)

  • Public-art projects

  • Negotiation with private-sector clients

Our professors are all practicing pros who know how to create profitable outlets for their visual arts talent. They're well connected to galleries, studios, agencies, and other players in the Greater Toronto Area's visual arts scene.

Recent Visual and Creative Arts program graduates have found employment in such roles as:

  • Web design

  • Digital prepress

  • Gallery operation

  • Graphic artist/design

  • Illustration

  • Photographer's assistant

  • Public-art projects

  • Signage

  • Self-employed artist/designer

Visual arts and culture sector professionals are often self-employed, and this program will help prepare graduates to open their own studios or businesses.

Graduates can also continue their formal training in a variety of arts programs at Sheridan, or in other arts programs with our university and college partners.

Learning Outcomes

  • Produce a collection of work that represents attitudes, knowledge and skills which demonstrate an advanced level of competency in visual communications.

  • Apply an advanced level of knowledge, skills and appropriate methodology to resolve complex problems including time management, budgetary restrictions and specific client directives

  • Originate and develop innovative and original visual communications on time and within budget to meet the specific needs of the client.

  • Use a variety of advanced technologies to produce visual communications.

  • Effectively communicate ideas, objects and emotions to resolve complex problems.

  • Exhibit a breadth of knowledge in the origins and evolution of contemporary thinking and trends in design, art and technology.

  • Effectively integrate the advanced levels of knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired and apply professional studio practices to realize solutions to complex problems.

  • Resolve complex problems that demonstrate an advanced level of competency in the effects and psychology of colour.

  • Work in a professional manner, maintaining professional relationships and communicating effectively with co-workers, supervisors and others.

  • Produce a portfolio of work that reflects the ability to communicate effectively in visual form.

  • Solve complex problems related to the conceptual process involving organization, budget and time management.

  • Express artistic concepts through the manipulation of a variety of media (e.g. charcoal, paint).

  • Use a variety of technical equipment and computer software to enhance visual, written and verbal communication.

  • Communicate concepts, emotions and intent effectively in visual, verbal, written and virtual form, using appropriate terminology.

  • Analyze contemporary visual arts development and issues, as well as current trends in the market.

  • Observe guidelines and regulations with respect to health and safety applicable to the use of art materials and methodology.

  • Generate works of art and design that reflect an advanced level of knowledge and skill in the application of colour theory and the effects and psychology of colour.

  • Collaborate effectively with faculty and peers.

  • Explain historical and contemporary works of art from a critical perspective.

  • Conduct applied research that directs problem solving and informs the creative process.

  • Use a broad range of specialized equipment, and required toxic and hazardous materials following established safety principles and procedures.

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Semester 1

  • DESN 11632, Introduction to 2D Design, 3

  • DESN18081, Introduction to 3D Design, 3

  • ARTS 13672, Observational Drawing, 3

  • ARTS 10025, Colour Theory, 3

  • ARTS 14998, Introduction to Painting, 3

  • COMM 19999, Essential Communication Skills, 3

  • TOTAL:, 18

Semester 2

  • DESN 19798, 2D Design, 3

  • DESN 19014, 3D Design, 3

  • ARTS 17370, Figure Drawing, 3

  • DESN 17721, Design Drawing, 3

  • ARTS 19798, Painting, 3

  • General, Education Elective, 3

  • TOTAL:, 18

Semester 3

  • ARTS 20330, Interpretive Drawing, 3

  • OR, ,

  • ARTS 25142, Figurative Drawing, 3

  • DESN 28634, 2D Design Studio, 3

  • OR, ,

  • DESN 10587, Introduction to Surface Design, 3

  • DESN 26048, 3D Design Studio, 3

  • OR, ,

  • DESN 14998, Introduction to Figurative Sculpture, 3

  • ARTS 25436, Painting: Media and Materials, 3

  • DSGN 17198, Digital Media Lab, 3

  • PLUS, ,

  • HIST11456G, History of Western Art, 3

  • TOTAL:, 18

Semester 4

  • Select 5 of the following courses, ,

  • ARTS 25586, Figurative Drawing Studio, 3

  • ARTS 23431, Interpretive Drawing Studio, 3

  • DESN 26859 , Design: Text and Image , 3

  • DESN 24178, Surface Design, 3

  • DESN 28448, Figurative Sculpture , 3

  • DESN 20082, 3D Design: Material Exploration, 3

  • ARTS 28263, Figurative Painting Studio, 3

  • ARTS 24444, Interpretive Painting Studio, 3

  • DSGN 27545, Digital Media Studio, 3

  • PLUS, ,

  • BUSM 25892, Business for the Arts, 3

  • , Education Elective, 3

  • TOTAL:, 21

Semester 5

  • DESN 10004, Introduction to Printmaking, 3

  • OR, ,

  • ARTS 36859, Advanced Drawing Studio 1, 3

  • DSGN 18081, Introduction to Web Design, 3

  • DESN 39014, Sculpture Studio, 3

  • ARTS 39402, Painting: Images and Ideas, 3

  • DSGN 19402, Introduction to Digital Photography, 3

  • DSGN 33672, Design for Print, 3

  • DSGN 13672, Time Based Media, 3

  • PLUS, ,

  • ARTS 34579, Concepts in Contemporary Visual Culture, 3

  • , General Education Course (Open), 3

  • TOTAL:, 18

Semester 6

  • Select 5 of the following courses, ,

  • DESN 14579, Printmaking, 3

  • DESN 30172, Advanced Sculpture, 3

  • ARTS 33314, Advanced Painting Studio, 3

  • ARTS 39207, Advanced Drawing Studio 2, 3

  • DSGN 26206, Digital Imagery, 3

  • DSGN 35436, Techno Craft, 3

  • ARTS 39599, Photographic Concepts, 3

  • ARTS 38081, Project X, 3

  • DESN 37028, Print and Interactivity Design, 3

  • PLUS, ,

  • BUSM 36693, Professional Practice, 3

  • TOTAL:, 18

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Career Opportunity

Career Opportunity

You’ll have many opportunities to use your visual arts diploma in the Greater Toronto Area, which is the centre of Canada’s cultural sector. An education in the field of art and design is one that is not only personally rewarding, but has a very broad range of applications. Creative thinking, problem solving and taking an artistic approach in any situation can have positive results. From the broad based skills acquired in the Visual and Creative Arts program, recent graduates have found success as fine artists, designers, fabricators and in commercial and public gallery employment. Furthermore, many students also choose to apply their new skills in a more focused way through further studies in other degree granting programs both within Sheridan College and beyond such as Special Effects, Animation, and Illustration.

Ability to settle

Overseas Student Health Cover

Health and Dental Plan - International: 580CAD/ per year

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