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Business Management and Economics
Bachelor of Advanced Business (Honours)
Bachelor of Advanced Business (Honours)

Bachelor of Advanced Business (Honours)

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  • Level:4-Year Bachelor's Degree
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Admission Requirements

Entry Requirements

Prerequisites: English, English as an Additional Language, Literature or English & Literature Extension (Units 3&4, C)

English Requirements

English language requirements apply to International applicants and other applicants whose previous study was undertaken in a language other than English. The minimum English language requirements for such applicants for entry to this program are as follows:

  • A minimum overall band score of 6.5 on IELTS (Academic) with no sub-score of less than 6.0

  • OR a minimum score of 575 on TOEFL

  • OR an internet-based (iBT) TOEFL score of 79 (no sub-score less than 19)

  • OR no score less than 3+ in each skill of the ISLPR (conducted by ISLPR Language Services only)

  • OR a minimum overall score of 176 (no score less than 169) on C1 Advanced (formerly Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English) or C2 Proficiency (formerly Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English)

  • OR an overall score of 58 in the Pearson Test of English (Academic) with no score less than 50.

English test results must be no more than two years old

Course Information

The Bachelor of Advanced Business (Honours) is designed to deliver a thorough understanding of the complex concepts facing organisations today whilst allowing customisation toward the business skill of your choice. This new degree takes you through a unique skill set that will give you a competitive edge in the employment market. You'll be equipped with the skills necessary to plan and conduct research in business and government, and will be well-placed for positions in the private, not-for-profit, and public sectors.  Delivered using the latest innovations in learning, your courses/subjects will be integrated with first-hand work experiences and organisational simulations, so you’ll apply the latest academic learning in workplace environments.

This degree is designed to allow students from all business disciplines to commence in the same foundation year and then specialise in the business application of your choice. So, whether you want to be an accountant, an advertising executive, an international business consultant or an entrepreneur; all you need to do is enrol and customise as you go.  In your third and fourth year, you will choose a thesis which will further develop and demonstrate your proficiency and application in your chosen area. You can also apply to take an internship or study overseas as part of your thesis, helping you graduate with advanced skills that will ensure you stand out in the employment market.

Offered through the Griffith Business School which is ranked in the top 200 worldwide by the prestigious Academic Rankings of World Universities, this degree can also provide a pathway to a Higher Degree Research (for example, PhD) and a career in academia.


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Year 1

You must complete the following core courses:

  • The Purpose of Business - 1004GBS
  • Engaging Australia and the Asia-Pacific - 1005GBS
  • Why Money Matters - 1006GBS
  • The Future of Work - 1007GBS
  • Business Decision-Making - 1008GBS
  • Grand Challenges for Business - 1009GBS

You must complete 20 credit points from the following foundation courses (or 10 credit points for those students completing the English Language Enhancement course):

  • Human Behaviour - 1015HSV
  • Islam in the Modern World - 1603LHS
  • Introduction to Social Science - 1710LHS
  • Introduction to Health Promotion - 1977MED
  • Sustainability and Health - 1982MED
  • Introduction to Biomedical Data Analysis - 1002MSC
  • Statistics - 1014SCG
  • Foundation Mathematics - 1017SCG
  • Introduction to Environmental Sustainability - 1043SCG
  • Quantitative Reasoning - 1015SCG
  • Applied Psychology - 1021PSY
  • Human Computer Interaction - 1805ICT
  • World History - 1117LHS
  • Language, Culture and Society - 1402LHS
  • Information Systems Foundations - 1803ICT
  • Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology - 1003PSY

Years 2 and 3

You must complete one of the following options and the listed core courses:

  • Option 1: Major


  • Second major, Minor and/or Free-choice electives


  • Honours Listed elective
  • Option 2: Extended major


  • Second major, Minor and/or Free-choice electives


  • Honours Listed elective
  • Option 3: Accounting (Extended) major courses


  • Free-choice electives


  • Honours Listed elective
  • Option 4: Accounting and Financial Planning (Extended) major courses
  • Option 5: Accounting and Economics (Extended) major courses


  • Honours Listed elective
  • Option 6: Accounting and Taxation (Extended) or Financial Planning and Taxation (Extended) major courses


  • Free-choice electives


  • Honours Listed elective
  • Option 7: Business (for students electing to not complete a major) courses


  • Free-choice electives


  • Honours Listed elective
  • Research Design - 7010GBS
  • Systematic Literature Review - 7014GBS

Year 4 (Honours)

You must complete the following courses:

  • Creating Better Business - 3103GBS (capstone course) (offered from 2022)
  • Quantitative Methods - 7011GBS
  • Qualitative Methods - 7012GBS


  • Advanced Quantitative Methods and Econometrics - 7317AFE
  • Honours Dissertation Part 1 - 6300GBS_P1
  • Honours Dissertation Part 2 - 6300GBS_P2
  • Honours Dissertation Part 3 - 6300GBS_P3
  • Honours Dissertation Part 4 - 6300GBS_P4
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Pre Courses

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Pathway Courses

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Career Opportunity

Career Opportunity

As an Honours graduate, you will be able to plan and conduct research in business and commerce and will be well-placed for positions in the private, not-for-profit and public sectors. You'll graduate with strong business networks and the authentic business knowledge to apply problem solving skills to a broad range of business environments from planning and strategy to management and specific skills like advertising, economics and accounting, depending on your customised degree.

No major option
A business degree gives you the foundation to take your career just about anywhere. You will be prepared to use your extensive business skills in a range of increasingly diverse settings including not-for-profit, government and corporate organisations.

You will be equipped for a career in a range of private, public sector or not-for-profit organisations where you could work in areas such as accounting, administration, auditing, business management, commercial and taxation law, managerial accounting, and taxation. Opportunities exist for exciting and challenging careers locally, nationally and internationally, and aren't limited to accounting firms.

Asian Business
You will find career opportunities in government, businesses with overseas profiles, international aid and other non-governmental organisations, news and media organisations, and the education industry in Asia.

Asian Studies
You will be prepared for work in government, business, travel and tourism, education, international agencies, training, and export consultancy, in Australia and overseas. You will find opportunities in foreign affairs, foreign trade, business consultancy, defence, security agencies, and media.

Behavioural Science
You will find career opportunities in government, private enterprise and not-for-profit organisations across various disciplines including marking and advertising, human services, healthcare, economics, policy development, research and evaluation of programs and services.

You will be prepared for work in the banking and finance industry as an analyst or advisor, in property development or real estate; in government policy in fields such as the environment, health, education and transport; or in large mining companies analysing markets and investment opportunities. You may also find career opportunities in major international organisations such as the World Bank, the United Nations, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Asian Development Bank.

Employment Relations
You will be able to work as an employment relations manager or consultant, or in roles dealing with workplace planning and policy, managerial strategy, industrial advocacy, occupational health and safety, and workplace negotiation.

Event Management
You will be well prepared for an exciting career working for event and conference organisers in the sport, tourism, marketing, media and cultural sectors as well as coordinating and managing government event portfolios.

You will be prepared for work as a financial advisor or controller, financial planner, or stockbroker. You may also find opportunities in insurance and superannuation, futures, options and foreign exchange trading.

Financial Planning
You will be equipped for a career as a financial planner, financial advisor or controller, or stockbroker. You will also find opportunities in insurance and superannuation, futures, options and foreign exchange trading.

Government and International Relations
You will find opportunities providing advice to government and business leaders, developing policy and managing programs with domestic and international organisations in areas such as economic, environmental and social policy, diplomacy, and trade relations.

Human Resource Management
You will graduate with a degree recognised by the Australian Human Resources Institute and be ready for a career as a human resource manager or consultant. Human resource professionals work in many sectors including business management, counselling, workforce planning and policy, and recruiting and training staff for the public and private sectors and non-government organisations.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
As a graduate of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship major, our courses highlight the ways you can create and develop innovative ideas that enable scale and societal impact. You will have an understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset, ways to identify or create opportunities and the strategic and operational issues in firm creation. Create your own career by starting your own lifestyle or high-potential startup, be entrepreneurial while working in a family business or being an intrapreneur within someone’s business.

International Business
You will be prepared to work with international trade and investment organisations or in the public and private sectors in management, strategic planning, research, corporate government relations, global operations and public relations.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management
You will be able to work as a logistics and supply chain manager, purchasing manager, business or strategy manager, or export and import operations manager. Career opportunities exist in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Good managers are needed across all sectors and in businesses of all sizes. With this qualification, you can apply your business management knowledge to an area of personal interest and find work in roles as a business manager in human resources, strategy, planning and policy, and training and development.

You will be able to work in any industry or organisation that needs to promote its products or services, including entertainment and fashion, tourism, advertising, public relations, and business consulting. You might work as a brand manager, marketing manager, advertising account manager, market research analyst, public relations manager, or sales manager.

Real Estate and Property Development
The property sector is expanding in Australia and around the world, creating a wide range of employment opportunities in the commercial, residential and tourism sectors of the real estate and property management industries. You will be prepared for a career in property finance, development and investment, real estate agency management, project management, and marketing and promoting real estate.

Sport Management
Sport is big business. You will find opportunities in government departments, local, national and international sporting clubs and event management organisations. There are also positions in sport tourism, marketing, media and athlete representation.

Sustainable Business
Increasingly, public and private sector organisations are hiring sustainability and corporate social responsibility specialists. The growing trend in consumers demanding sustainable, ethical products and services has seen businesses place sustainability and social benefits within their core values. These new business models means that leaders and managers need to know how the financial bottom line relates to other important elements of business; and how to transform traditional models to capitalise in the current environment. As this field continues to grow, you will find more and more career opportunities in a wide variety of organisations in the public and private sectors and with non-government organisations.

Tourism Management
With this qualification, you could travel the world. Tourism managers are employed by destination marketing organisations and all levels of government throughout Australia and internationally. You will be able to work on major tourism infrastructure and planning projects, shaping the visitor experience in tourism destinations.

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Overseas Student Health Cover

OSHC: 609 ($) AUD per year

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