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Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts

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  • Level:3-Year Bachelor's Degree
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Admission Requirements

Entry Requirements

Prerequisites: English, English as an Additional Language, Literature or English & Literature Extension (Units 3&4, C).

English Requirements

English language requirements apply to International applicants and other applicants whose previous study was undertaken in a language other than English. The minimum English language requirements for such applicants for entry to this program are as follows:

  • A minimum overall band score of 6.5 on IELTS (Academic) with no sub-score of less than 6.0

  • OR a minimum score of 575 on TOEFL

  • OR an internet-based (iBT) TOEFL score of 79 (no sub-score less than 19)

  • OR no score less than 3+ in each skill of the ISLPR (conducted by ISLPR Language Services only)

  • OR a minimum overall score of 176 (no score less than 169) on C1 Advanced (formerly Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English) or C2 Proficiency (formerly Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English)

  • OR an overall score of 58 in the Pearson Test of English (Academic) with no score less than 50.

English test results must be no more than two years old.

Course Information

The Bachelor of Arts degree gives you the freedom to choose majors and minors according to your passions and interests. By doing so, you will develop a unique set of interdisciplinary skills that will set you up for a highly adaptable future across a range of industries. You'll become a creative thinker and clear communicator with a high level of cultural awareness, capable of guiding businesses and organisations through the complexities of modern life.

Industry and expert connections

Work-integrated learning is hard-wired into this degree and you are encouraged to take advantage of extensive industry-relevant experiences such as internships, study tours and other work-integrated learning opportunities.

Graduate outcomes

You'll be prepared for a career across a diverse range of industries, equipped with skills in research, analysis, communication, leadership and critical thinking. You will be a mobile, informed and engaged global citizen, ready to make a difference within any field that you choose. With its emphasis on critical thinking and information literacy, this degree also lays the groundwork for further study in research.


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Year 1

Note: Students must check the prerequisite and incompatible requirements before selecting any course within this program.

All students are required to complete at least one major. Where the foundation course for a major is one of the core courses, students will be required to choose an additional core course. For language majors, students must complete their language foundation course in Trimester 1 and commence their language major in Trimester 2 of first year.

You must complete the following courses:

  • Communication and Culture - 1506LHS

  • Foundations of Academic Writing - 1019LHS (online only)

  • Major Foundation Course

  • First Year Minor course

  • First Year Electives

Year 2

You must complete the following courses:

  • Major Courses

  • Minor Courses

  • Free-choice Electives

Year 3

Students must ensure they complete a minimum of 60CP of third year courses from core, majors and Free-choice electives.

You must complete the following courses:

  • Wicked Problems - 3300LHS

  • Major courses

  • Free-Choice Electives

Students may only undertake a language major in which they are not native speakers. Language courses must be taken in sequence in accordance with the prerequisites specified.

Those who have completed Year 11 and 12 language study at secondary school or have some other level of proficiency should contact the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science to discuss the level at which to enrol. Students may commence their Language major at either first or second year depending on their level of proficiency.

You must complete 10 credit points from the following courses:

  • Independent Internship - 3200LHS

  • Community Internship and Partnerships for SDGs - 3002LFC

  • Italian In-Country Independent Study - 3191LHS

  • Muslim World Study Tour - 3610LHS

  • Japan Study Tour - 2424LHS

  • China Study Tour - 2434LHS

Free-choice electives

You may select free-choice electives from the list below or any Undergraduate free-choice elective/s offered across the University provided prerequisites are met. If you require guidance, please liaise with you Program Director.

Art History and Theory

  • Art, Gender, Sexuality and the Body - 2431QCA (offered in odd years)

  • Memory and Trauma in Visual Culture - 2439QCA

  • Principles of Curating - 2389QCA (not offered from 2020)

Creative Writing

  • Writing Short Fiction - 2036LHS

  • Writing Poetry - 2154LHS

  • Writing Across Cultures - 2106LHS

  • Popular Genres - 3723LHS

  • Editing for Publication - 3706LHS

Criminal Justice

  • Sociology of Crime - 2007CCJ (offered Tri 3 online)

  • Introduction to Policing - 2002CCJ

  • Introduction to Corrections - 2003CCJ

  • Psychology of Crime - 2000CCJ (offered Tri 3 online)

  • Youth Justice - 3015CCJ

  • Punishment, Justice and Reform - 3006CCJ (offered Tri 3 online)


  • Page to Stage - 2223LHS

  • Contemporary Theatre and Its Origins - 2221LHS

  • Drama for Social Action - 2222LHS

  • Theatre Direction - 3221LHS

  • Devising Theatre - 3236LHS

Environmental Humanities

  • The Politics of Sustainability - 2101GIR

  • Global Security - 2020GIR

  • A History of Nature - 2059LHS

  • Public Policy for Change - 2111LHS

Gender Studies

  • Art, Gender, Sexuality and the Body - 2431QCA (offered in odd years)

  • Gender Issues in Islam and Muslim Societies - 2614LHS

  • Language and Gender - 2150LHS

  • Gender, Crime and Justice - 2015CCJ


  • Australia and the World - 2101LHS

  • A History of Nature - 2059LHS

  • The Body in History - 2054LHS

  • A History of Terrorism and Political Violence - 2055LHS

  • War, Peace and Security: Humanity and History - 3145LHS

Indigenous Studies

  • First Peoples and Social Justice - 2032HSV

  • Aboriginal Political Histories - 2034LHS

  • Global Indigeneities - 2035LHS

  • Reconstructing the Aboriginal Australian - 3034LHS

  • Contemporary Aboriginal Issues - 3053LHS

Islam-West Relations

  • Religious and Ideological Extremism - 2615LHS

  • Gender Issues in Islam and Muslim Societies - 2614LHS

  • War, Peace and Security: Humanity and History - 3145LHS

  • Migration, Settlement and Integration - 3550LHS

  • Islam and Muslim Communities in the West - 3612LHS


  • Ethical Communication - 2505LHS

  • Global Journalism, Media and Communication - 2506LHS

  • Media Law - 2513LHS

  • Digital Audio Media Production - 2523LHS

Language in Society

  • Languages of East and Southeast Asia - 2007LHS (odd years only)

  • Translation as a Bridge Between Cultures - 2403LHS (even years only)

  • Language and Gender - 2150LHS

  • English Words and Grammar - 2204LHS

  • Discourse, Text and Power - 3203LHS

  • Endangered Languages - 3205LHS

Literary Studies

  • Gothic Afterlives - 2141LHS

  • The Storytellers: Reading Fiction - 2142LHS

  • Global Shakespeare - 2161LHS

  • Poetry and Poetic Imagination - 3063LHS

  • Popular Genres - 3723LHS

Politics, Security and International Studies

  • Structures of (in)security - 2718LHS

  • Global Security - 2020GIR

  • Conflict and Forced Displacement - 2715LHS

  • War, Peace and Security: Humanity and History - 3145LHS

  • Migration, Settlement and Integration - 3550LHS

Popular Culture

  • Television Studies - 2102LHS

  • Japanese Society and Pop Culture - 2406LHS

  • Hollywood Cinema - 2100LHS

  • Popular Music, Culture and Identity - 3056LHS

  • Popular Genres - 3723LHS

Screen Studies

  • Television Studies - 2102LHS

  • Hollywood Cinema - 2100LHS

  • Australian Screen - 3312LHS

Security Studies

  • Structures of (in)security - 2718LHS

  • Conflict and Forced Displacement - 2715LHS

  • Migration, Settlement and Integration - 3550LHS

Social Justice

  • First Peoples and Social Justice - 2032HSV

  • Structures of (in)security - 2718LHS

  • Public Policy for Change - 2111LHS

  • Drama for Social Action - 2222LHS

  • Youth Justice - 3015CCJ


  • Sociology of Identity - 2143LHS

  • Sociology of Youth - 2026LHS

  • Popular Music, Culture and Identity - 3056LHS (offered Online)

  • Research in Sociology - 3035LHS

  • Death, Grief and Culture - 3182LHS

Strategic Communication

  • Ethical Communication - 2505LHS

  • Media Law - 2513LHS

  • Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship - 2508LHS

  • Media Relations - 2515LHS

  • Crisis and Disaster Communication - 3517LHS

Arts first year electives

  • Introduction to Drama: Performance Skills - 1221LHS

  • Empowering the Professional Communicator - 1509LHS

  • Islam in the Modern World - 1603LHS

  • Dangerous Pleasures: An Introduction to Literary Studies - 1016LHS

  • First Peoples - 1088LHS

  • Introduction to Communication and Journalism - 1505LHS

  • Introduction to Social Science - 1710LHS

  • Spanish 1A - 1080LHS

  • Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) 1A - 1084LHS

  • Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice - 1013CCJ (offered T3 online)

  • Understanding the Social World - 1007LHS

  • Introduction to Environmental Sustainability - 1043SCG

  • Introduction to Psychology 1 - 1001PSY

  • Introduction to Art Theory - 1216QCA

  • Japanese 1A - 1032LHS

  • Italian 1A - 1090LHS

  • Language, Culture and Society - 1402LHS

  • Introduction to Screen Analysis - 1009LHS

  • World History - 1117LHS

  • Introduction to Creative Writing - 1104LHS

  • Approaches to Human Security - 1213LHS

  • Introduction to Art Theory 2 - 1217QCA

  • Digital Media and Portfolio Production - 1513LHS

  • Technology in Society - 1707LHS

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Pre Courses

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Pathway Courses

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Career Opportunity

Career Opportunity

Key employment sectors* 

  • Public Administration and Safety 

  • Arts and Recreation Services 

  • Education and Training 

  • Information Media and Telecommunications 

  • Retail Trade 

  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 

Potential job outcomes 

  • Creative Writer 

  • Liaison Officer 

  • Social Historian 

  • Museum Curator 

  • Project Manager 

  • Researcher 

  • Social Advocate 

  • Journalist 

  • Translator 

  • Policy Advisor 

  • Analyst 

  • Consultant 

  • Diplomat 

  • Cultural Critic or Reviewer 

  • Public Relations Officer 

Ability to settle

Overseas Student Health Cover

OSHC: 609 ($) AUD per year

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