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Engineering and Technology
Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced)
Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced)

Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced)

  • ID:UA610046
  • Level:3-Year Bachelor's Degree
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Admission Requirements

Entry Requirement

Selection Rank (International): 95

International Baccalaureate (IB): 37


International Qualifications: Mathematics

English Requirements

  • IELTS: Overall 6.5, Reading 6, Listening 6, Speaking 6, Writing 6

  • TOEFL: Overall 79, Reading 13, Listening 13, Speaking 18, Writing 21

  • Pearson: Overall 58, Reading 50, Listening 50, Speaking 50, Writing 50

  • C1 Advanced: Overall 176, Reading 169, Listening 169, Speaking 169, Writing 169

Course Information

Decode grand challenges

  • Our Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced) is a distinctive degree for highly capable students who want to tackle global questions in computer science and information technology.

  • The program is taught by world-class researchers and teachers within a faculty ranked 43 in the world for computer science and engineering*. It features artificial intelligence and machine learning courses not available anywhere else in South Australia.

What will you do

You will apply your skills to real-world challenges through self-directed learning and practical projects. Depending on your chosen major, you will:

  • explore self-driving cars, robotic vision, machine learning and image recognition

  • learn how to protect networks, data and software systems from attack and unlawful access

  • apply cutting-edge data analysis techniques—such as machine and deep learning—to large sets of data

  • design, make and study large-scale distributed software systems, including parallel, mobile and cloud-based environments.

Majors are available in:

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Computer science

  • Cybersecurity

  • Data science

  • Distributed systems and networking.

You can also choose a flexible program with a little bit of everything, from gaming and graphics to computer vision and software engineering.

Note: You must maintain a high grade point average to stay in this highly competitive degree.

Where could it take you

  • With advanced technology skills, you’ll work on solving real problems in our society. You could come up with multi-cloud solutions to tackle future security issues. You might develop a revolutionary algorithm. Perhaps you’ll program nanorobots that reverse aging or design the first unquestionably true artificial intelligence. 

CRICOS: 075810A

More info: Click here

Degree Structure

Majors are available across the following areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Computer Science

  • Cybersecurity

  • Data Science

  • Distributed Systems and Networking

Example Study Plan

Core Courses 

Students must complete the following.,

  • COMP SCI 1102 Object Oriented Programming 

  • COMP SCI 1104 Grand Challenges in Computer Science

  • COMP SCI 1106 Introduction to Software Engineering 

  • COMP SCI 2000 Computer Systems 

  • COMP SCI 2008 Topics in Computer Science

  • COMP SCI 2103 Algorithm Design & Data Structures 

  • COMP SCI 2201 Algorithm & Data Structure Analysis 

  • COMP SCI 2207 Web & Database Computing 

  • COMP SCI 3004 Operating Systems 

  • COMP SCI 3020 Advanced Topics in Computer Science

Core Course, choice of

  • Students must complete one of the following., COMP SCI 3006 Software Engineering & Project or;

  • COMP SCI 3310 Software Engineering & Project (Artificial Intelligence) or;

  • COMP SCI 3311 Software Engineering & Project (Data Science) or;

  • COMP SCI 3312 Software Engineering & Project (Cybersecurity) or;

  • COMP SCI 3313 Software Engineering & Project (Distributed Systems & Networking)

Core Course, choice of

  • Students must complete one of the following., MATHS 1004 Mathematics for Data Science I or

  • MATHS 1012 Mathematics IB

Core Course, choice of

  • Students must complete one of the following., MATHS 3025 Professional Practice III or

  • ENTREP 3901 Tech eChallenge


Students must complete 9 courses from the following.,

  • ENG 1002 Programming (Matlab and C) 

  • ENG 1003 Programming (Matlab and Excel) 

  • COMP SCI 1010 Puzzle Based Learning 

  • COMP SCI 1101 Introduction to Programming 

  • COMP SCI 2005 Systems Programming 

  • COMP SCI 2203 Problem Solving & Software Development 

  • COMP SCI 2204 Advanced Programming Paradigms 

  • COMP SCI 3001 Computer Networks & Applications 

  • COMP SCI 3005 Computer Architecture 

  • COMP SCI 3007 Artificial Intelligence 

  • COMP SCI 3012 Distributed Systems 

  • COMP SCI 3013 Event Driven Computing 

  • COMP SCI 3014 Computer Graphics 

  • COMP SCI 3305 Parallel and Distributed Computing 

  • COMP SCI 3306 Mining Big Data 

  • COMP SCI 3307 Secure Programming 

  • COMP SCI 3308 Cybersecurity Fundamentals 

  • COMP SCI 3309 Cybersecurity A Practical Application 

  • COMP SCI 3314 Introduction to Statistical Machine Learning

  • COMP SCI 3315 Computer Vision

  • COMP SCI 3316 Evolutionary Computation

Including a choice of 3 broadening electives from across the University. 

Note: Students cannot present courses from Computer Science, Maths, Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics or Statistics.

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Pre Courses

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Pathway Courses

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Career Opportunity

Career Opportunity

Internet Consultant, Network Engineer, Computer Programmer, Computer Scientist, Computer Systems Engineer, Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, IT Manager, Information and Communications Technologist, Instrumentation Engineer, Internet - Web Programmer, Online Commerce Specialist, Software Developer, Gaming Programmer.

Ability to settle

Overseas Student Health Cover

Overseas student health cover: $609 per year

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