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Glenfield College (GC)

Flag of New Zealand Auckland, New Zealand
School ID: SA640003
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Glenfield College has an outstanding reputation for the Performing Arts and has a theatre outfitted to professional standards. 

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General description

Established in 1969, Glenfield College is a state, co-educational secondary (Years 9-13) school on the North Shore of Auckland.  It is an ideally sized secondary school with a roll of about 500 students, which is large enough to offer a broad range of academic courses and outside classroom activities, and yet small enough to have a personal touch.  We treat our students as individuals, and we tailor their study programmes to their academic needs, ability levels, and interests. The school has a proud record of academic achievement above the average of similar schools.  Over the years, it has nurtured many students who have excelled in external examinations.  Classrooms focus on student inquiry and learning within a supportive environment.

Why Glenfield college (GC)?

Glenfield College has an outstanding reputation for the Performing Arts and has a theatre of professional standards.  Sporting achievements are also a feature of the school, with a strong emphasis on both participation and excellence for students’ fitness and health.  The school has large playing fields, tennis and netball courts, surrounded by mature trees and bush. The school has a full range of resources you would expect from a modern secondary school in New Zealand.  There is an excellent library, with plenty of computers and Internet access. There are specialist rooms such as science, robotics, and computer laboratories

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Avg Cost of Tuition/Year NZD$ 16,750
Cost of Living/Year NZD$ 17,600
Application Fee NZD$ 0
Estimated Total/Year NZD$ 34,350

Main majors

  • Catering and Hospitality
  • Computer Applications
  • Design and Visual Communications
  • Digital Technology

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