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Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM) - Switzerland

Flag of Switzerland Montreux, Switzerland
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Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM) is no. 1 for overall living and arrival, accommodation quality and topic selection, top 10 for expert lecturers and teachers and learning support.

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General description

Hotel Institute Montreux's campus is where students experience a blend of traditional Swiss hospitality education and contemporary American business studies. Final stage specialization options in close partnership with prominent global industry leaders in business and management give students enlightening insights into the international business world. The academic degree from our US partner university, Northwood University, rounds off our graduates’ business management skills, making them highly sought after for careers in the hospitality and wider service industry sector.

Why Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM)?

Industry partnerships combined with multiple internship opportunities prepare students for their future career path from both a theoretical and practical standpoint. All Bachelor and Master students can also participate in Master Classes throughout their studies, covering a variety of topics not traditionally taught in the classroom. With a diverse student body in the center of Montreux, our campus offers the perfect opportunity to be immersed in Swiss and European culture. As a member school of Swiss Education Group, all students are part of one of the world's largest hospitality alumni networks and gain exclusive access to the bi-annual International Recruitment Forum, the perfect opportunity to network and organise future internship and career possibilities.

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Tuition,accommodation,meals/Year CHF$ 43,600
Application Fee CHF$ 0
Estimated Total/Year CHF$ 43,600

Main majors

  • Hospitality Management
  • Business Administration
  • International Business


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