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ICL Graduate Business School

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Welcome to ICL Graduate Business School! Our objective is your success.

Most of our students have one of two objectives: either academic or employment. Some are looking for an internationally recognised qualification, possibly leading to an academic pathway to a Bachelor, Master’s or Doctorate. Others are hoping to work for a while in New Zealand, and if they qualify, settle permanently in this beautiful country of opportunity. With both academic and employment objectives, an undergraduate, graduate or Postgraduate diploma from ICL Graduate Business School will help you achieve your ambition.

Education changes as fast as the world does, and when you select your study destination it is important to find innovation as well as a tradition of quality. In New Zealand you will find both: an excellent British-based academic heritage, with universities over 100 years old, and a dynamic, modern education system constantly adapting to the change and growth in our multicultural society. And at ICL, within this traditional yet dynamic environment, we offer the perfect combination of private sector service standards, and the academic guarantee of qualifications approved by the New Zealand government. Our mission includes helping you ‘develop learner autonomy’; At ICL you take ownership of your education. Your lecturers guide you, with enthusiasm and professional skill, in the direction of your learning objectives. However, you must do your work, both in class and through self-study. Think of your lecturer as the conductor and your class as the orchestra. The conductor directs you, but you and your classmates make the music! I look forward to meeting you at ICL Graduate Business School and helping you

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