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Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting
Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting

Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting

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  • Level:Master's Degree
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Admission Requirements

Entry requirements

  • Completed Graduate Program Application
  • Undergraduate Degree Transcript: All students pursuing a graduate degree from the New York Film Academy must submit an official, final undergraduate transcript in order to complete their application.
  • Narrative Statement: Applicants must submit a mature and self-reflective essay (max. 5 typed pages) describing the applicant’s reasons for pursuing a graduate degree in their chosen discipline and their intended contribution to the field and the department.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Students must submit 2 Letters of Recommendation verifying the applicant’s ability to successfully take on graduate study in their chosen field. Recommenders should be in a position to evaluate the applicant’s readiness, such as teachers, supervisors, counselors, or coaches.
  • Portfolios may consist of (select from a, b, or c):
    • a. Excerpt from an original screenplay or prose fiction piece (5-10 pages)
    • b. Original short story, article or critical studies essay examining a literary or cinematic work (play, screenplay, television series, film, etc.) (3-7 pages).
    • c. Treatment or outline of a film, webisode or television series concept (3-7 pages).

English requirements

  • A TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 550 or higher (213 for computer-based test or 79 for internet-based test);
  • IELTS 6.5 or the equivalent.

Course Information

The New York Film Academy recognizes the critical role writers play in the creation of every film and television show. Yet writing talent alone is not enough to create successful work in these mediums. Screenwriting is a learned craft, and a writer must write every day to train for the demands of this field, and to truly understand the elements that make a screenplay or teleplay functional as well as engaging.

In addition to learning the conventions of the writing craft, students are given the support and structure to write and meet deadlines. Students write intensively throughout the program and complete several projects with the assistance of constructive critique from instructors, as well as peers.

What Makes Our Screenwriting Programs Unique?

Students in the New York Film Academy’s Screenwriting programs generate a lot of written material, building a portfolio of writings that span several mediums. There is a focus on film and television, but MFA students will also study comics, web series and games. Upon completion of the program, students not only understand story structure, character, conflict and dialogue, but also leave the Academy with finished products that they can pitch, produce, and try to sell.

In the MFA Screenwriting program, students are taught the art of screenwriting through workshop courses that have them learn by writing, but also in skill-building courses that focus on film history, film genres, and specific skills, like scene construction, adaptation, and character building.

Students also study filmmaking, acting and editing, to get a complete sense of how cinematic stories are told. In addition to stories, treatments and scripts, students will also create, direct and edit their own short film and their own web series pilot.

NYFA’s degree programs in Screenwriting have business classes that teach students the reality of the industry; how to find work as a writer, how to work in the industry to support yourself, how to find an agent or manager, and how to pitch your stories and story ideas. These classes require students to get an internship in the industry.

The MFA Program culminates in a Pitch Fest, where students get to pitch their thesis script to agents, managers, executives, and/or producers.

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