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Middle School- Year 9
Middle School- Year 9

Middle School- Year 9

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  • Level:Grade 9
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Admission Requirements

Entry Requirement

Students must have achieved at least 60% on average in each core academic subject over the past two years. 

English Requirement

It is a requirement that secondary school students have a certain level of English language skills prior to commencing their course of study.

To meet the minimum English language requirements for secondary school students, a student must provide documented evidence that the student has:

• been taught at a school for at least 2 years where English is the primary language of instruction; or

• achieved:

» a general IELTS test score of at least 5.5 for Year 10 entry; or

» a general IELTS test score of at least 6.0 for Year 11 entry; or

» an AEAS score of 66 or higher; or » an internet-based TOEFL score of at least 69; or

» an EIKEN score of Grade 3 or higher for Year 10 entry; or

» an EIKEN score of Grade Pre-2 or higher for Year 11 entry.

If the above requirements cannot be met, then before commencing in a Victorian government school, the student must:

• undertake additional English language studies in a Victorian government school as part of their course, if available; or

• successfully complete an English language course in Victoria at a private provider

Other Requirement

Less than 17 years


Course Information

The Year 9 Program has been developed by the College in response to the changing needs of students. The focus of the program is the recognition that all students should experience a curriculum that promotes 21st century learning and connects student learning to the world beyond the classroom.

As such the Year 9 program will incorporate a strong focus on the Victorian Curriculum General Capabilities:

  • Intercultural Understanding

  • Ethical Capability

  • Critical and Creative Thinking

  • Personal and Social Learning

The Global Citizenship program focuses on the four ‘C’s of 21st century learning: Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking and Creative problem solving. It is intended to provide students with learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom and into the community, incorporating student-led activities and projects. The year-long nature of the Global Citizenship program allows sustained engagement of these skills and authentic assessment. There will be opportunities for students to engage in incursions and excursions that are relevant to the ideas and concepts being explored which may include:

  • Art Galleries

  • The City of Melbourne

  • Local organisations and other public and private institutions

Students will also undertake a research project exploring intercultural understanding. This will link directly to the Victorian Curriculum General Capabilities and provide students with the opportunity to research a project with an intercultural focus, working collaboratively with their peers.

Year 9 Elective Subjects offered in 2020:

English Electives

  • English as an Additional Language;

  • Empowering Literacy;

  • The Agora: Analysis & Inquiry


  • French;

  • Mandarin


  • Making Money;

  • Culture through Media;

  • Educare;

  • Word Religions in Context;

  • Ancient History;

  • Religion Around the World

Physical Education

  • Racquet Sports;

  • Handball Sports;

  • Football Sports;

  • Stick & Ball Sports;

  • Individual Sports


  • Micro:Bit – STEM;

  • Sketch-Up;

  • Computers, Media & Publicity;

  • Product Design & Technology;

  • Food Around the World;

  • Kids in the Kitchen;

  • Product Design: Textiles;

  • Paddock to Plate

The Arts

  • Art & Ideas;

  • Visual Communication & Design Graphics;

  • Sculpture;

  • Moving Images;

  • Music:

    • Song Writing;

    • Arrange, Perform, Record;

  • Drama On Stage;

  • Drama Off Stage;

  • Dance

Year 9 Special Activities

  • Personal Responsibility;

  • Global Citizenship;

  • Digital Citizenship;

  • Connection;

  • Environmental Awareness;

  • School Community;

  • Future Leaders

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