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University of Tasmania International Pathway College

Flag of Australia Tasmania, Australia
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Pathway to the University of Tasmania

Student Experience
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General Description

University of Tasmania International Pathway College is located at the University’s Sandy Bay Campus in the beachside suburb of Sandy Bay, Hobart – a five-minute drive south of the city centre. Many University facilities are based at the Sandy Bay Campus and the campus shares close links with other city-based University of Tasmania campuses.

University of Tasmania International Pathway College helps prepare international students to gain entry to their target university course of study.

Our programs are nationally recognised and equip students with the content, English language and tertiary study skills needed to excel at higher education programs in Australia.

Why choose us?

All programs at University of Tasmania International Pathway College are delivered by UP Education. UP Education partners with leading universities in Australia and New Zealand to provide learning pathways for international students, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to excel at English-language universities.

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Scholarships & Awards
Co-op Option
Work while studying


Avg Cost of tuition/Year AU$20,800
Cost of living/Year AU$20,290
Application fee AU$0
Estimated Total fee/Year AU$41,090

Main majors

  • Foudation Studies Program
  • Intenational First Year Diploma


  • February
  • July
  • November
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