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Upper Madison College (UMC High school)

Flag of Canada Ontario, Canada
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98% Universities acceptance rate

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General description

UMC High school was established in 2008 in North York, a vibrant Toronto district. As a private high school, we cater to both local and international students between grades 8 and 12.

Our goal is to discipline and support the passionate world leaders of today. By bringing together students from all around the world, we envision a school where every student's perspective on society is broadened.
In essence, we strive to connect the world with commitment and compassion enable us to reach out to people all over the globe. The myriad opportunities and care that we provide our students will guarantee the quality in education that your child needs.

UMC Highschool was founded on the three ideals reflected in the UMC slogan: Commitment, Compassion, and Connection. We cultivate in our students the basic knowledge and values they need in order to lead in the contemporary international society.

UMC High School is located at a new home starting in September 2019. This new campus is a an ideal and spacious two-storey building with modern amenities including 20 bright classrooms, gymnasium with a stage, library and student study area, science laboratory, computer laboratory, cafeteria and student lounge, soccer and basketball fields and many more. The total area covers over 33.500 square feet and is able to occupy approximately 500 students and staff.

Why choose UMC Highschool?

  • Accelerated Program: Intensive schedule enables students to complete a 4-years highschool program in 2.5 years

  • Performance-oriented: Multi-language counselors help international students to comprehend Ontario highschool system, creating study plans and preparing post-secondary applications.

  • Convenient Locations: Two Campuses are located in Urban areas providing quick access to public services

  • Quality Teaching: Ontario certified teacher's full attention and care inside and outside of classes. 1:1 Tutoring upon request

  • Accredited: Recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Education for granting Secondary School credits

  • Expert Counseling: Standardized and Individualized proactive guidance and personal counseling

  • Multicultural Environment: Diverse nationalities and cultures involving students in teamwork and adaptation

  • Effective Communication: We commit to frequent communication and prompt response to the parents in terms of academic performance and personal concerns.

  • Activities And Field Trips: With the intensive schedule of UMC High School, we offer activities and field trips to our students every week!

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Co-op option
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Avg Cost of Tuition/Year $CAD 18,600
Cost of Living/Year $CAD 20,000
Application Fee $CAD 150
Estimated Total/Year $CAD 38,750

Main majors

  • Grade 6 - 12


  • Fall: Sep - Dec
  • Winter: Jan - Feb
  • Spring: Mar - Jun
  • Summer: Jul & Aug
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