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Advanced Diploma - Architectural Technology (Co-op and Non Co-op Version)
Advanced Diploma - Architectural Technology (Co-op and Non Co-op Version)

Advanced Diploma - Architectural Technology (Co-op and Non Co-op Version)

  • ID:AC010004
  • Level:3-Year Undergraduate Advanced Diploma
  • Duration:
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Admission Requirements

Entry Requirement

  • Program Eligibility

  • Students must successfully complete Levels 01 to 04 of the Architectural Technician program with a minimum GPA of 2.40 before continuing on to Levels 05 and 06 of the Architectural Technology program. Students will be placed on the current program of study associated with Level 05 of the program.

  • The number of seats in the Technology program is limited. Should the number of students exceed the number of seats, selection will is based on academic performance in the program.

English Requirement

Course Information

Architectural Technology is the third year of an Ontario College Advanced Diploma program that prepares you for a career in the architectural profession and the construction industry. The program gives you the credentials, the knowledge and the skills necessary to further define your career. Graduates of the two-year Architectural Technician Ontario College Diploma program may consider taking this third year to build on their previous studies.

In the Architectural Technology program, you focus on commercial construction and large buildings, as defined in the Ontario Building Code. You participate in a team project that brings together all facets of building construction, including:

  • design and technical resolution with the integration of building and material detailing

  • structural and mechanical layout design for a commercial building assembly

Revit Architecture is used to execute the design and technical resolution for the project.

Students also have the option to gain real-world experience through a paid co-operative education (co-op) work term (see Additional Information for more details). Please note that places in the co-op version of the program are subject to availability.

Graduates of this program may find work with:

  • architects` offices

  • contractors in multiple sectors

  • engineering offices

  • building materials sales representatives

  • municipal offices such as the City of Ottawa

  • federal and provincial agencies dealing with construction

  • drafting service offices using AutoCAD and Revit

  • real estate and facilities management companies

  • companies that provide construction, maintenance, and planning services

Graduates may also consider applying for advanced standing in several Algonquin College programs such as the Bachelor of Building Science Degree program, the Green Architecture Ontario College Graduate Certificate program or the Building Information Modeling - Lifecycle Management (BIM-LM) Ontario College Graduate Certificate program.

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Level: 01

  • ARC8401

  • Working Drawings I

  • ARC8421

  • Construction Methods and Materials I

  • CAD8407

  • Architectural Cad I

  • DSN8401

  • Visual Communication I

  • ENL1813T

  • Communications I

  • GED2012

  • Achieving Success in the 21st Century

  • MAT8050

  • Geometry and Trigonometry

Level: 02

  • ARC8402

  • Working Drawings II

  • ARC8422

  • Construction Methods and Materials II

  • BSC8451

  • Environmental Systems I

  • CAD8409

  • Architectural Cad II

  • DSN8402

  • Visual Communication II

  • HIS8482

  • History of Architecture

  • MAT8051

  • Algebra

Level: 03

  • ARC8403C

  • Working Drawings III

  • ARC8423

  • Construction Methods and Materials III

  • ARC8430

  • Codes and Standards

  • BSC8452

  • Environmental Systems II

  • CAD8414

  • Revit Architecture I

  • DSN8441

  • Design I

  • Choose one from equivalencies:

  • GED0188

  • General Education Elective

  • Co-op: 01

  • WKT2101A

  • Architecture Work Term 1 (Optional)

Level: 04

  • ARC8404C

  • Working Drawings IV

  • ARC8424

  • Construction Methods and Materials IV

  • ARC8510

  • Construction Documentation I

  • CAD8415

  • Revit Architecture II

  • DSN8442

  • Design II

  • ENG8491

  • Structures I

  • ENL2019T

  • Technical Communication for Engineering Technologies

  • Co-op: 02

  • WKT2102A

  • Architecture Work Term 2 (Optional)

Level: 05

  • ARC8405C

  • Working Drawings V

  • ARC8425

  • Construction Methods and Materials V

  • ARC8497

  • Architectural Project I

  • ARC8511A

  • Construction Documentation II

  • BSC8453

  • Environmental Systems III

  • CAD8416

  • Revit Architecture III

  • ENG8495

  • Structures II

Level: 06

  • ARC8406C

  • Working Drawings VI

  • ARC8426

  • Construction Methods and Materials VI

  • ARC8498A

  • Architecture Project II

  • BIM3000

  • Fundamental of Building Information Modeling

  • BSC8454

  • Environmental Systems IV

  • ENG8496

  • Structures III

  • ENL1001

  • Report Advising

  • WKT8400

  • Architecture Work Placement

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Pathway Courses

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Career Opportunity

Career Opportunity

Graduates may find employment with architects, engineers and contractors, and in municipal, provincial and federal agencies dealing with construction, real estate and facilities management.

Ability to settle

Overseas Student Health Cover

Health insurance: 500 $ CAD per year

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