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Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics
Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics

Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics

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  • Level:4-Year Bachelor's Degree
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Admission Requirements

Entry Requirements

  • Prerequisites: Any General or Applied English subject (Units 3&4, C)
  • Students who require a refresher or who have not done Year 12 Chemistry or Mathematical Methods are strongly recommended to undertake a bridging course prior to commencing this program.

English Requirements

English language requirements apply to International applicants and other applicants whose previous study was undertaken in a language other than English. The minimum English language requirements for such applicants for entry to this program are as follows:

  • A minimum overall band score of 7.0 on IELTS (Academic) with no sub-score of less than 6.5

  • OR a minimum score of 580 on TOEFL

  • OR an internet-based (iBT) TOEFL score of 92 (no score less than 22)

  • OR no score less than 4 in each skill of the ISLPR (conducted by ISLPR Language Services only)

  • OR a minimum overall score of 185 (no score less than 176) on C2 Proficiency (formerly Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English)

English test results must be no more than two years old.

Course Information

You will develop knowledge and skills to work as a dietitian and learn how to help improve the health of individuals and the community. You will learn through extensive hands-on experience in state-of-the-art facilities, including a purpose-built teaching kitchen and a nutrition clinic in the new Griffith Health Centre.

You will develop skills in anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry before you take advanced study in human nutrition. In the final phase of your degree, you will complete a 20-week industry placement to put your skills into practice.


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Year 1

You must complete the following courses:

  • Chemistry of Biological Systems I - 1001MSC

  • Cells, Tissues and Regulation - 1014MSC

  • Anatomy and Physiology Systems I - 1016MSC

  • Food, Society and the Nutrition Workforce - 1206AHS

  • Genes and Disease - 1005MSC

  • Chemistry of Biological Systems II - 1015MSC

  • Anatomy and Physiology Systems II - 1017MSC

  • Health Challenges for the 21st Century - 1205MED

Year 2

You must complete the following courses:

  • Integrated Systems Physiology - 2012AHS

  • Structural Biochemistry - 2008MSC

  • Nutrition - 2210AHS

  • Interpersonal Skills - 1008PSY


  • Interpersonal Skills - 1008HSV

  • Food Science - 2220AHS

  • Metabolism - 2011MSC

  • Needs Assessment, Program Planning and Evaluation - 2218MED

  • Pathophysiology - 2002MSC

Year 3

You must complete the following courses:

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy 1 - 3101AHS

  • Nutrition Education - 3104AHS

  • Food Service Management - 3144AHS

  • Public Health Research Methods - 2214MED

  • Pharmacology - 3002MSC


  • Pharmacology - 2018PHM

  • Community and Public Health Nutrition - 3103AHS

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy 2 - 3102AHS

  • Communication and Counselling in Dietetics - 3100AHS

Exit point: Bachelor of Nutrition (1553). To exit (after completing the above prescribed core courses), you should apply for a program transfer.

You also have the option to transfer to the Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours) (1436) or the Bachelor of Nutrition (Honours) (1549). Eligibility to transfer will be determined by the Program Director and will be subject to the following criteria:

  • achievement of a minimum GPA of 5.0 for all coursework at the completion of Year 3/Trimester 1 of the program and

  • suitability of the proposed dissertation topic and

  • the resources available to support the candidature including availability of appropriate supervision.

Year 4

You will need to be available for the professional practice placement for five full days for 20 weeks when undertaking professional practice courses in either Trimester 1 or 2 in your final year. All professional practice courses are co-requisites and you must enrol in all courses in the trimester in which you undertake placement.

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy Practicum - 4110AHS (capstone course)

  • Food Service Management Practicum - 4111AHS (capstone course)

  • Community and Public Health Nutrition Practicum - 4112AHS (capstone course)

  • Free-choice electives

  • Listed electives

Listed electives

  • Introduction to Marketing - 1003MKT (not offered from 2021)


  • Business Decision-Making - 1008GBS

  • Introduction to Psychological Science and Society - 1009PSY (not offered from 2019)


  • Psychology in Professional Contexts - 1011PSY

  • Introduction to Health Promotion - 1977MED

  • Foundations of Exercise and Sports Science - 1001AHS

  • Work and Employability - 1001EHR (not offered from 2021)


  • The Future of Work - 1007GBS

  • Legal and Ethical Principles in Healthcare - 2805NRS

  • Molecular Genetics - 2000MSC

  • Priorities and Interventions in Public Health - 2209MED

  • Epidemiology - 2220MED

  • Branding and Promoting New Business Ventures - 2098MKT


  • Griffith Innovation Challenge - 2034IBA

  • Physical Activity Promotion - 2223MED

  • Food Safety: Science and Management - 2113MED

  • Microbiology - 2007MSC

  • Biochemistry of Exercise I - 2002AHS (not offered from 2018)

  • Physiology of Exercise - 2001AHS

  • Food Safety: Science and Management - 2113MED

  • Entrepreneurship and New Business Ventures - 2043MKT (not offered from 2020)


  • Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship - 2043IBA

  • First Peoples Health and Practice - 3121MED

  • Exercise and Sport Psychology - 3009AHS

  • Nutrition Through the Lifecycle - 3134MED

  • Research Project - 3003MSC

  • Community Internship and Partnerships for SDGs - 3002LFC

  • Healthcare Systems - 3205MED

  • Exercise Sports Nutrition - 3138AHS

  • Health Practice Management - 3008AHS

  • Harnessing your employability skills - 3535AHS

  • Science of Infection Control - 3001MSC

  • Asia-Pacific Public Health Field Tour - 5001MED

  • Nutrition and Dietetics Internship - 4113AHS

Free-choice electives

You may select free-choice electives from the list below or any Undergraduate free-choice elective/s offered across the University provided prerequisites are met. If you require guidance please liaise with your Program Director.

  • Introduction to Psychological Science and Society - 1009PSY (not offered from 2019)


  • Psychology in Professional Contexts - 1011PSY

  • Lifespan Development - 1010HSV

  • Sustainability and Health - 1982MED

  • Introduction to Psychology 1 - 1001PSY

  • Economics for Decision Making 1 - 1303AFE (not offered from 2022)

  • Introduction to Social Theory - 1014HSV

  • Counselling Skills - 1018PSY

  • Event Management Principles - 2219THS

  • Event Marketing and Sponsorship - 2315THS

  • Physiology of Exercise - 2001AHS

  • Physiology of Exercise - 2001AHS

  • Exercise and Sport Psychology - 3009AHS

  • Sport Marketing - 3323THS

  • Language and Communication for Health - 5902LHS

  • The Business of You - 3036IBA (not offered in 2021)

  • The Business of Business - 3037IBA (not offered in 2021)

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Pre Courses

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Pathway Courses

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Career Opportunity

Career Opportunity

You will be able to work in the health industry as a dietitian/nutritionist in private and public hospitals, community health services, health promotion and public health units, private practice, health service management and food industries.

Ability to settle

Overseas Student Health Cover

OSHC: 609 ($) AUD per year

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