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Engineering and Technology
Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Information Technology
Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Information Technology

Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Information Technology

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  • Level:4-Year Double Degree
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Admission Requirements

Entry Requirements

Prerequisites: English, English as an Additional Language, Literature or English & Literature Extension (Units 3&4, C).

English Requirements

English language requirements apply to International applicants and other applicants whose previous study was undertaken in a language other than English. The minimum English language requirements for such applicants for entry to this program are as follows:

  • A minimum overall band score of 6.5 on IELTS (Academic) with no sub-score of less than 6.0

  • OR a minimum score of 575 on TOEFL

  • OR an internet-based (iBT) TOEFL score of 79 (no sub-score less than 19)

  • OR no score less than 3+ in each skill of the ISLPR (conducted by ISLPR Language Services only)

  • OR a minimum overall score of 176 (no score less than 169) on C1 Advanced (formerly Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English) or C2 Proficiency (formerly Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English)

  • OR an overall score of 58 in the Pearson Test of English (Academic) with no score less than 50.

English test results must be no more than two years old.

Course Information

With qualifications in both science and IT, you'll be able to pursue a career in a variety of industries, including commerce, industry, corporate IT, government or private consulting.

In this double degree, you'll have an introduction to fundamental concepts in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, information systems and computer programming before choosing the majors that suit your interests. You'll have access to next generation technology and state-of-the-art labs throughout your studies as you learn from some of Australia's leading researchers.

Industry and expert connections

Your final year is centred around hands-on projects, which are the core of our unique employability program. You'll gain experience with local and international industry partners with the option to engage with university research, undertake an extended fieldwork program in your major or complete an industry placement.

Such experiences will help you develop highly valued skills and attributes such as the ability to work in a team to analyse, develop and implement effective solutions to practical challenges. You will also be taught by expert academics with strong ties to their fields who may be able to assist in developing your networks and connections during your studies.

Graduate outcomes

In this emerging specialty industry, research opportunities are available in varied fields to mine data from databases. You'll find other opportunities to apply your knowledge to weather and climate simulations, population models, and business and consumer data analysis.

You'll also find opportunities in information technology designing, writing, testing, documenting and maintaining computer applications and research or analytical and development work.



  • Applied Mathematics
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Clinical Sciences (Nathan only)
  • Geography
  • Marine Biology (Gold Coast only)
  • Microbiology (Nathan only)
  • Physics
  • Wildlife Biology

Information Technology

  • Information Systems
  • Networks and Security
  • Software Development


Take control of your time - This degree has intakes in Trimester 1, 2 and 3. So, whenever you're ready to study, we're ready to get you started.


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Year 1

You must select 70 credit points from the following Level 1 Science courses (or 60 credit points for those students completing the English Language Enhancement course):

  • Human Biology - 1001NSC (Clinical Sciences major)

  • Biological Systems - 1041SCG (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major, Clinical Sciences, Geography major, Marine Biology, Microbiology major, Wildlife Biology major)

  • Chemistry 1A - 1021SCG (offered at NATHAN campus) (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major, Chemistry major, Clinical Sciences major, Geography major, Microbiology major, Wildlife Biology major)


  • Chemistry I - 1023SCG (offered at GOLD COAST campus) (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major, Chemistry major, Geography major, Marine Biology major, Wildlife Biology major)

  • Linear Algebra - 1201SCG (Applied Mathematics major, Chemistry major, Physics major)

  • Quantitative Reasoning - 1015SCG (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major, Clinical Sciences major, Geography major, Marine Biology major, Microbiology major, Wildlife Biology major)

  • Physics 1A - 1031SCG (Physics major)

  • Introduction to Environmental Sustainability - 1043SCG (Geography major, , Wildlife Biology major)

  • Introduction to Marine Science - 1007ENV (Marine Biology major)

  • Statistics - 1014SCG (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major, Chemistry major, Clinical Sciences major, Geography major, Marine Biology, Microbiology major, Wildlife Biology major)

  • Earth Systems - 1044SCG (Geography major, Wildlife Biology major)

  • Fundamentals of Biochemistry - 1014NSC (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major, Clinical Sciences major, Microbiology major)

  • Genetics and Evolutionary Biology - 1042SCG (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major, Clinical Sciences major, Marine Biology major, Microbiology major, Wildlife Biology major)

  • Chemistry 1B - 1022SCG (offered at NATHAN campus) (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major, Chemistry major, Clinical Sciences major, Microbiology major)


  • Chemistry II - 1024SCG (offered at GOLD COAST campus) (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major, Chemistry major, Marine Biology major)

  • Calculus I - 1202SCG (Applied Mathematics major, Chemistry major, Physics major)

  • Physics 1B - 1032SCG (see Note 1) (Physics major)

  • Foundation Mathematics - 1017SCG

Note 1: Students undertaking 1032SCG must complete 1202SCG Calculus I.

You must complete the following courses:

  • Professional Practice in Information Technology - 1004ICT

  • Web Technologies - 1621ICT

  • Computer Systems and Networks - 1007ICT

  • Human Computer Interaction - 1805ICT

  • Foundations of Systems Development - 1802ICT

  • Information Systems Foundations - 1803ICT

  • Data Management - 2814ICT

  • Programming Principles - 2807ICT

  • Software Technologies - 2810ICT

  • Social and Professional Issues - 3410ICT (capstone preparation course)

  • Work Integrated Learning Part 1 - 3820ICT_P1 (capstone course)


  • Work Integrated Learning Part 2 - 3820ICT_P2 (capstone course)


  • Work Integrated Learning - Single Project - 3821ICT


  • Work Integrated Learning - Placement - 3822ICT

You must complete the following:

  • Science major


  • Free-choice elective


  • Physics major

  • Information Technology major


  • Information Technology courses (for students electing to not complete a major)

Free-choice electives

You may select free-choice electives from the list below or any Undergraduate free-choice elective/s offered across the University provided prerequisites are met. If you require guidance, please liaise with your Program Director.

  • Human Physiology - 2002NSC

  • Metabolism - 2003NSC

  • Protein Science - 2005NSC

  • Human Anatomy - 2007NSC

  • Structural Biochemistry - 2008MSC

  • General Microbiology - 2008NSC

  • Applied Microbiology - 2010NSC

  • Molecular Biology - 2012NSC

  • Biotechniques Laboratory - 2013NSC_Y1


  • Biotechniques Laboratory - 2013NSC_Y2


  • Biosciences Laboratory Skills - 2018NSC

  • Entrepreneurship and New Business Ventures - 2043MKT (not offered from 2020)


  • Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship - 2043IBA

  • Ecology - 2051ENV

  • Soils and Geomorphology - 2071ENV

  • Inorganic Chemistry - 2101NSC


  • Inorganic Chemistry - 2208ENV

  • Spectroscopic and Molecular Analysis - 2102NSC

  • Organic Chemistry - 2103NSC


  • Organic Chemistry - 2014MSC

  • Physical and Analytical Chemistry - 2106NSC

  • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems - 2107ENV

  • Linear Algebra and Differential Equations - 2201NSC

  • Physical and Analytical Chemistry - 2202ENV

  • Numerical Methods - 2202NSC

  • Environmental Chemistry and Monitoring - 2203ENV


  • Environmental Chemistry - 2209ENV

  • Introduction to Mathematical Modelling - 2204NSC

  • Calculus II - 2205NSC

  • Environmental Politics and Policy - 2221ENV (not offered in 2020)


  • Government-Business Relations - 2004GIR

  • Animal Diversity - 2251ENV (not offered from 2021)


  • Zoology - 2303ENV

  • Plant Diversity - 2261ENV (not offered from 2021)


  • Botany - 2702ENV

  • Economics and the Environment - 2281ENV

  • Applied Data Science - 2291ENV

  • Electromagnetism and Optics - 2301NSC

  • Modern Physics Laboratory - 2302NSC

  • Rivers and Catchments - 2304ENV

  • Statistical and Solid State II - 2304NSC (not offered from 2021)


  • Analytical and Statistical Mechanics - 2307ESC

  • Marine Megafauna: Sentinels of the Sea - 2305ENV

  • Quantum Mechanics, Relativity and Elementary Particles - 2305NSC

  • Environmental Anthropology - 2416ENV

  • Coastal Environments - 2804ENV

  • Molecular Cell Biology - 3001NSC


  • Macromolecular and Cellular Biochemistry - 3016MSC

  • Biomolecular Sciences Lab - 3004NSC (not offered from 2019)

  • Biomedical Sciences Laboratory - 3009NSC

  • Advanced Physiology - 3014NSC

  • Microbiology Laboratory - 3018NSC

  • Techniques in Molecular Microbiology - 3020NSC

  • Griffith Innovation Challenge - 2034IBA (formerly 3031IBA)

  • Advanced Analytical Chemistry - 3102NSC


  • Advanced Analytical Chemistry - 3202ENV

  • NMR and Structural Chemistry - 3103NSC (not offered from 2021)

  • Natural Products and NMR - 3225ENV

  • Advanced Organic Chemistry - 3105NSC

  • Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment - 3119MED

  • Aquatic Chemistry and Pollution - 3201ENV


  • Water Pollution Chemistry - 3431ENV

  • Advanced Differential Equations and Modelling - 3201NSC

  • Complex Analysis and Applications - 3203NSC

  • Quantitative Ecology - 3241ENV (not offered from 2021)

  • Quantum Physics III - 3301NSC

  • Physics of Solids and Nanoscale Structures - 3303NSC

  • Physics Laboratory III - 3304NSC

  • Environmental Management - 3306ENV

  • Environmental and Social Futures - 3307ENV

  • Emerging Topics in Conservation - 3308ENV

  • Marine Conservation and Resource Management - 3332ENV

  • Land Degradation and Catchment Management - 3441ENV

  • Conservation Biology - 3606ENV

  • Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemistry - 3701ENV (Not offered from 2021)

  • Estuarine Ecology - 3801ENV

  • Industry Placement - 3103ENV

  • Community Internship and Partnerships for SDGs - 3002LFC

  • Industry Affiliates Program - 3001ENV

  • Writing the Character Journey from Comics to Film - 2105LHS

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