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Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning/ Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning/ Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning/ Bachelor of Science

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  • Level:5-Year Combined Degree
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Admission Requirements

Entry Requirements

Prerequisites: Any General or Applied English subject (Units 3&4, C)

English Requirements

The minimum English language requirements for such applicants for entry to this program are as follows:

  • A minimum overall band score of 6.5 on IELTS (Academic) with no sub-score of less than 6.0

  • OR a minimum score of 575 on TOEFL

  • OR an internet-based (iBT) TOEFL score of 79 (no sub-score less than 19)

  • OR no score less than 3+ in each skill of the ISLPR (conducted by ISLPR Language Services only)

  • OR a minimum overall score of 176 (no score less than 169) on C1 Advanced (formerly Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English) or C2 Proficiency (formerly Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English)

  • OR an overall score of 58 in the Pearson Test of English (Academic) with no score less than 50.

English test results must be no more than two years old.

Other Requirements

Upon completion of this program, students may be eligible to apply for entry to the Bachelor of Science (Honours) or the Master of Urban and Environmental Planning


Course Information

Urban environments are a key part of our future, and we need to make sustainably minded decisions that not only consider but prioritise the social and ecological elements of planning for cities.

In this degree, you'll bring social and natural sciences together to prepare for a career as an environmental scientist. Your foundation first year will introduce basic concepts, theories and methods of planning and environmental sciences. From your second year, you'll select one of three majors to develop specific technical skills and knowledge to complement your fundamental education in planning and environmental science.

This degree has a strong focus on practical, hands-on learning opportunities. You'll have access to our cutting-edge drawing studios, labs and facilities to help test your theories and bring your ideas to life. You'll also have a range of opportunities to learn outside the classroom, including international and national field trips, wildlife and environmental surveys, research opportunities and internships.

Industry and expert connections

In your final year, you can add a point of difference to your resume by working with a professional planning practitioner. Through the placement, you'll make valuable connectionsas you work on a practical project with tangible outcomes, giving you industry experience before you graduate.

Graduate outcomes

You'll be prepared for a career as an environmental scientist and planner. You'll find employment in government and in resources development and consultancy companies. You'll also find opportunities in land and water management, conservation, natural resources, mining or energy.

Additionally, with all of our urban and environmental planning degrees recognised by the Planning Institute of Australia, our students are able to go on to work overseas in countries such as New Zealand and the United Kingdom.


  • Geography

  • Marine Biology (Gold Coast only)

  • Wildlife Biology


Tailor your timetable - Even if you study full-time on-campus, you may still be able to customise your degree to suit your needs. From a range of tutorial times to online access to lectures and other course material, we're here to help you fit study in with your work and life commitments.


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Year 1

You must complete the following Level 1 courses:

  • Biological Systems - 1041SCG
  • Understanding Australian Cities - 1037ENV
  • Introductory Planning Studio - 1027ENV
  • Earth Systems - 1044SCG
  • Environmental Planning Studio - 1511ENV
  • Statistics - 1014SCG

Year 2

You must complete the following courses:

  • Chemistry I - 1023SCG (Gold Coast)


  • Chemistry 1A - 1021SCG (Nathan)
  • Linear Algebra - 1201SCG


  • Quantitative Reasoning - 1015SCG
  • Science major course
  • Introduction to Environmental Sustainability - 1043SCG
  • Urban Analysis and Planning Studio - 2056ENV
  • Chemistry II - 1024SCG (Gold Coast) (Geography major)


  • Chemistry 1B - 1022SCG (Nathan) (Geography major)


  • Genetics and Evolutionary Biology - 1042SCG (Marine Biology major and Wildlife Biology major)
  • Environmental Politics and Policy - 2221ENV (not offered in 2021)


  • Environmental and Energy Economics - 2313AFE


  • Government-Business Relations - 2004GIR

Year 3

You must complete the following courses:

  • Development Processes Studio - 2067ENV
  • Science major courses
  • Science major courses
  • Economics and the Environment - 2281ENV
  • Planning Theory and Practice - 1022ESC

Year 4

You must complete the following courses:

  • Public Involvement and Community Development - 4047ENV
  • Strategic Planning Studio - 3097ENV (Studio capstone)
  • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems - 2107ENV
  • Urban Planning Law - 5020LAW


  • Planning and Environmental Law - 3020ENG
  • Environmental Management - 3306ENV
  • Aboriginal Political Histories - 2034LHS
  • Listed Science elective (see Note 1)


  • Science major course

Note 1: Students that complete 5903LHS will not be required to complete a Listed elective in Year 4.

Year 5

You must complete the following courses:

  • Planning Practicum 20 - 4017ENV
  • Listed Science elective


  • Science major course
  • Policymaking and Planning for Climate Change - 4118ENV
  • Transport Planning - 4037ENV
  • Science major course


  • Listed Science elective
  • Science Capstone - 3992NSC_Y1


  • Science Capstone - 3992NSC_Y2


  • Environmental Capstone - 3892ENV


  • Work Integrated Learning Placement - 3900ESC

Listed Science electives

  • Soils and Geomorphology - 2071ENV
  • Environmental Chemistry - 2209ENV
  • Ecotox and Impact Assessment - 2212ENV (offered Online)
  • Rivers and Catchments - 2304ENV
  • Applied Data Science - 2291ENV
  • Marine Megafauna: Sentinels of the Sea - 2305ENV (Gold Coast only)
  • Environmental Anthropology - 2416ENV
  • Zoology - 2303ENV


  • Animal Diversity - 2251ENV (not offered from 2021)
  • Plant Diversity - 2261ENV (Nathan)


  • Botany - 2702ENV (Gold Coast)
  • Urban Ecology and Biodiversity - 2315ENV
  • Ecology - 2603ENV (Gold Coast)


  • Ecology - 2051ENV (Nathan)
  • Urban Environmental Systems - 2414ENV
  • Ecotox and Impact Assessment - 2212ENV (offered Online)
  • Coastal Environments - 2804ENV (Gold Coast only)
  • Quantitative Ecology - 3241ENV (Nathan)


  • Conservation Biology - 3606ENV (Gold Coast)
  • Environmental and Social Futures - 3307ENV (not offered in 2021)
  • Policymaking and Planning for Climate Change - 4118ENV
  • Emerging Topics in Conservation - 3308ENV
  • Marine Conservation and Resource Management - 3332ENV (Gold Coast only)
  • Water Pollution Chemistry - 3431ENV
  • Land Degradation and Catchment Management - 3441ENV
  • Estuarine Ecology - 3801ENV (Gold Coast only)
  • Environmental Justice - 5233LAW
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Pre Courses

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Pathway Courses

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Career Opportunity

Career Opportunity

Key employment sectors*

  • Public Administration and Safety

  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

  • Transport, Postal and Warehousing

  • Construction

Potential job outcomes

  • Town Planner

  • Land Planner

  • Conservation Officer

  • Environmental Consultant

  • Wildlife Biologist

  • Environmental Research Scientist

  • Catchment Restoration and Management Officer

  • Traffic and Transport Planner

Ability to settle

Overseas Student Health Cover

OSHC: 609 ($) AUD per year

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