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EdenZ College (EDENZ)

Flag of New Zealand Auckland, New Zealand
School ID: SC640001
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Applied number: 100

90% of our 2016 graduates are in full time employment or further study. Over 200 respondants surveyed in 2017.

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General description

Established in 1988, EDENZ Colleges is a Private Training Establishment with an international vision and a strong passion for providing students with an education that will enable them to maximize their potential to achieve success. Formerly known as Lifeway College, EDENZ was first registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) in 1991.

Over these years EDENZ has established a reputable name for the quality of our tuition and care of our students. We have always been concerned with developing courses to meet the changing needs of our students and the industries in which they would like to find employment. While EDENZ began with General English programs we saw the need to add Teacher Training, Film Making, as well as Business, Technology, Healthcare Management and Digital Media as needs changed.

EDENZ Colleges is committed to offering students the highest quality education within a warm and caring environment. Having a social, practical and personal approach to student satisfaction is what sets us apart. Whatever your goal, EDENZ will equip you with skills and experience to help you realise your dream and make it a reality. Are you looking for specific training in Digital Media, Film or English language teaching? Perhaps your focus is in the innovative Business world, Healthcare, Technology, or you need to improve your English language skills. One of our seven academies will cater to your needs and put you on the road to success. Our team of over eighty professional teachers and support staff have years of expertise, national and international experience as well as many industry connections.

EDENZ has 7 different specialized academies with a graduation rate of at least 90% overall. We are proud to have 750+ students and are growing every day. Our students graduate and go on to be successful in New Zealand and around the globe. EDENZ has gained approval from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) to offer several Bachelor Degree Programmes, we are proud of our success and will continue to keep growing in the future.

Since 1988 EDENZ has been an Auckland based college known for its personal caring feel, international appeal and high quality course material. This allows us to update our courses as soon as technology changes, provide quality course and stay relevant. With more than 100 staff and 1000 students from across the globe, we take the strengths of cultural differences seriously. We all have a part to play in changing the world, and encourage the college as melting pot of ideas and globalcommunication.

Why EdenZ College?

Modern city campus: Our campus is located in heart of Auckland’s Central Business District (CBD) amongst other universities. Spacious classrooms are equipped with modern educational facilities and our ideal location is easily accessible to shops, restaurants, galleries and convenient public transport. New Zealand’s famous beaches, bush and scenery are also within easy reach so you can discover the beauty of our land.

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Avg Cost of Tuition/Year NZD$ 18,950
Cost of Living/Year NZD$ 17,232
Application Fee NZD$ 0
Estimated Total/Year NZD$ 36,182

Main majors

  • Applied Management
  • Applied Arts (Film Production)
  • Digital Media Production
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