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High school
Grade 9 - Mathematics
Grade 9 - Mathematics

Grade 9 - Mathematics

  • ID:UIS010005
  • Level:High School
  • Duration:
  • Intake:
  • Type:Full-time

Fees (CAD)

  • Application Fee:$350.00
  • TuitionFee/Year:$20,000.00
  • LivingFee/Year:$10,000.00
  • InsuranceFee/Year:$700.00
  • Application Fee:$350.00
  • TuitionFee/Year:$20,000.00
  • LivingFee/Year:$10,000.00
  • InsuranceFee/Year:$700.00
Estimated Total/program:
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Admission Requirements

Entry Requirements

  • These prerequisite courses ensure the students have adequate knowledge to be successful in the subsequent course. When registering for a course, the student must submit a proof of prerequisite. Submit the most updated transcript or a final report card with the prerequisite on it.

Course Information

This course enables students to develop an understanding of mathematical concepts related to algebra, analytic geometry, and measurement and geometry through investigation, the effective use of technology, and abstract reasoning. Students will investigate relationships, which they will then generalize as equations of lines, and will determine the connections between different representations of a linear relation. They will also explore relationships that emerge from the measurement of three-dimensional figures and two-dimensional shapes. Students will reason mathematically and communicate their thinking as they solve multi-step problems.

Course Code: MPM1D

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Unit 1: Scientific Investigation Skills/Career Explorations

  • Students will learn how to do research in a scientific way. We will look at the skills required for scientific investigation and practices (initiating and planning, performing and recording, analyzing and interpreting, and communicating) that will be used to do the other units. We will explore mind maps, various scientific instruments, virtual simulations (if applicable), data collection and presentation. The scientific method will be introduced. Students will analyze and interpret data and be able to create a report.

Unit 2: Biology –Ecosystems

  • For this unit, we will introduce ecological systems to students. The focus is on ecosystems: characteristics, energy transfer, limiting factors, sustainability and human impacts on sustainability. We will also look at the impact of human activity on ecosystems and how they interact with one another.

Unit 3: Earth and Space Exploration

  • We will look at different types of celestial objects in the solar system and universe have distinct properties that can be investigated and quantified. We will see if celestial objects can somehow affect lives. From a Canadian perspective, we will examine the Space Station, and careers associated from the Space industry.Use observational evidence of the universe to create scientific theories about the structure, formation, and evolution of the universe.

Unit 4: Chemistry – Elements and Compounds

  • We will introduce the periodic table to the students and explain a more detailed model of matter in this unit. The will begin to develop an understanding of elements and compounds and identify specific chemical properties and learn how it can be put to practical use. We will look at how the elements and compounds can have both a positive and negative influence in modern day society and also the environment. Opportunities also exist for students to perform inquiries into the chemical and physical properties of common elements found in the periodic table.

Unit 5: Physics–Principles & Cost of Electricity

  • Students will learn that electricity is a form of energy and how it is derived. The will learn about various circuits (Series & parallel), static and current electricity and the relations between resistance, potential difference, and current. This unit will expose students to both practical and social elements involved in the use of electricity. They will also investigate energy consumption, efficiency, and develop plans to reduce electrical energy consumption in a home or commercial setting.

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Career Opportunity

Career Opportunity

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Health insurance: 700 CAD per year

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