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London Brunel International College (LBIC) – Brunel University London

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Rank: 401
* The Times Higher Education World University Rankings
Applied number: 100

Brunel University London is in the Top 5 in London for student satisfaction (NSS, 2011)

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We will provide you with a quality education that will assist you to achieve your career objectives and personal goals. LBIC is proud of its many graduates who have completed Brunel University London degrees and moved on to embark on successful careers in some of the world's top companies. As the Vice-Chancellor points out, Brunel University London graduates are in great demand from high quality employers in business and the professions. LBIC's partnership with Brunel University London since 2003 has provided a wonderful opportunity for hundreds of students to access high quality degree programs and become successful Brunel University London graduates on a range of bachelor and master degrees.

Why choose London Brunel International College 

1. Versatile Courses

The Masters Degree program (SusED) that I’m enrolled in at Brunel is incredibly diverse as it encompasses three different disciplines such as environmental sciences, business studies and design. The course addresses socio-environmental challenges that aim to produce business leaders, change makers and innovators who will play a key role in shaping a sustainable world.

2. Collaborations and Professional Development

My course is a collaborative programme with the Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden, which is a world leading sustainability research and training institute. I had a chance to have a series of in-class lectures from Prof. Karl-Henrik Robèrt – Blue Planet Award Winner and pioneer of the sustainability movement and several other renowned academic, business and industrial experts.

In addition, Brunel offers professional development – through this I will be able to do a six month work placement with an organisation where I can gain hands-on experience of what I have learnt during my degree.

3. University Ranking

University ranking is another major reason. I strongly believe that investing (in terms of my time, effort and money) in a degree course at a well ranked institution such as Brunel will consequently make me a world-wide recognised graduate.

4. Scholarships

I’m currently holding the ‘Brunel Ambassador’ title as I won a Brunel International Scholarship award for 2014. Brunel also offers several other scholarships which students can benefit from.

5. Brunel Campus

On-campus accommodation, a 24 hour library, an in-door and out-door gym, sports centre, social kitchen and cafes are just a few among several other services that Brunel offers. I found the campus environment very friendly and rich in cultural-diversity. The administrators and security around the campus are also really cooperative and welcoming.”

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Avg Cost of Tuition/Year £ 18,000
Cost of Living/Year £ 11,385
Application Fee £ 0
Estimated Total/Year £ 29,385

Main majors

  • Design
  • Economics and Finance
  • Humanities, Social Sciences and Education
  • Business Computing/ Computer Science


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