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Macquarie Grammar School

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Macquarie Grammar School is Sydney CBD’s only fully comprehensive, secular, independent, Yrs7-12 High School

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General Description

Macquarie Grammar School is Sydney CBD’s only fully comprehensive, secular, independent, Yrs7-12 High School. Located just by the Queen Victoria’s Building, on Clarence Street, the School boasts an HSC-focussed curriculum with a strong emphasis on academic studies that will lead to students attaining an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) with less stress and a more focused approach. The booming population in Sydney’s CBD and inner suburbs has lead to a squeeze on local schools, leaving frustrated families stuck on long waiting lists, to access independent alternatives. Macquarie Grammar School favours a co-educational learning model with a 21st century outlook which is secular, co-educational, and open to all.

Founded in 2004, the School’s mission is to provide an academic-based curriculum and prepare students for the Higher School Certificate (HSC), pre-vocational and University Education, and the workplace, by providing quality education to our students and fostering an enjoyment of and respect for learning. We value every student and have a respect for cultural diversity and inclusiveness.

Teaching and learning takes place in a nurturing, student-centred, caring, and safe environment, where every effort is made to cultivate the individual’s potential.

We welcome freedom of expression that will foster the growth of all within the School. Fees are kept to a minimum because we utilise our City’s World-Class facilities.

Why choose us?

Engaging Learning

Our courses are well structured and are delivered by experienced and highly qualified teacher. Students will experience interactive face-to-face blended learning, participate in interesting case studies to develop their knowledge and further their analytical skills, and be provided with challenging group projects that also broaden their team skills. Upon successful completion of the course, students will gain valuable skill to independently analyses issues from facts and appropriately apply learnt knowledge to produce sound solutions and strategies.

Reputation in the Education Sector

Macquarie Grammar School has a reputation in the Education sector for the delivery of quality teaching services for our students. We provide ourselves on the high level of positive feedback we receive from students.

Practical Programs

Our courses focus both on 1) developing your theoretical understanding of the course content, and 2) developing your practical and analytical skills to prepare you for when you enter your chosen professional field or pursue further tertiary studies.

Central Locations

Our campus is centrally located on Clarence Street, which is convenient for access to the school by public transportation. Our students experience the wonderful facilities and sites that Sydney has to offer to embellish their learning and builds a strong and unique school atmosphere.

Homestay and Guardianship

Macquarie Grammar School connects students below 18 years of age with approved guardians who would contact the students on a regular basis and acts the role of guardians and takes responsibly of student welfare.

Student Welfare

The staff at Macquarie Grammar School has a wealth of experience to call upon in providing students with advice in various aspects of student life in Sydney such as homesickness, stress or study problems. We provide personalised guidance on career paths as well as constructive feedback.

Students can participate in our regular social events and activities. Macquarie Grammar School students can look forward to a memorable time whilst studying at our School.

Computer Facilities

Macquarie Grammar School provides a modern study environment with facilities that include air-conditioned classrooms, computer laboratory with broadband Internet connection, multi-media programs, Wifi, equipped kitchen, a drama room and art facility for students to socialise and relax in, and to sit and study during their release periods.

Diverse Students

Our community is diverse with a harmonious mixture of local and international students. Our students come from many parts of the world! Students will make friends from other cultures and appreciate each other’s respective traditions and languages. This is a unique melding together that creates a truly special school atmosphere.

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Avg Cost of tuition/Year AU$29,000
Cost of living/Year AU$20,290
Application fee AU$500
Estimated Total/Year AU$49,790

Main majors

  • High School Preparation
  • Junior Secondary: Year 7 to Year 10
  • Semnior Secondary: Year 11 to Year 12


  • Summer Term 1: January
  • Autumn Term 2: April
  • Winter Term 3: July
  • Spring Term 4: October
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