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Universidad Catolica de Murcia (UCAM)

Flag of Spain Murcia, Spain
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Rank: 1,774
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General description

◦   Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world (more than 500 MLN people) and in international communication.

◦   Spain is a doorway to Latin America due to linguistic, cultural and historical reasons.

◦   Spain is a doorway to Europe due to geographical, political and cultural reasons.

◦   Spain ranks No. 3 among the European countries with regards to the number of international students it welcomes every year.

◦   Spain is considered a country that has a well-recognized university system hosting some of the oldest universities and top 10 ranking business schools in the world.

◦   As a member of the European Union, undergraduate and master's degrees obtained in Spain are recognized by all European countries, and well reputed in Latin America and the USA.

◦   Spain is the 4th most visited country in the world (2nd in Europe) thanks to its extraordinary mixture of historical heritage, cultural traditions, landscape variety, quality of food and good weather.

Why Murcia?

◦   Life in Murcia is fairly affordable. With about 500€/month students can cover all their expenses from accommodation to food and leisure activities.

◦   Murcia is the 7th largest city in Spain. As the region’s capital, Murcia has a very good infrastructure and a well-developed transport system. Murcia is a safe city and it is easy to enjoy life there.

◦   Murcia is well-connected to the majority of all important cities around Spain and Europe through an excellent highway and railroad network as well as two international airports in close proximity: Murcia San Javier (35min from city center) and Alicante (45 min).

◦   The average temperature in Murcia is 18º with mild winters (4-16º) and hot summers (28-35º). The city center is a 35 minutes drive from several isolated as well as touristic beaches and stunning mountain/countryside places.

◦   Cultural life in Murcia is very active thanks to the city’s historical heritage, multi-religious environment, universities, museums, libraries, concert halls, etc. 

 Why UCAM?

 ◦   UCAM was among the first universities to adapt its programs to the European Quality System for Education, following the Bologna Process. In fact, UCAM’s Quality Department is currently assisting the Paraguayan Government to establish a quality assurance body in its respective education system.

◦   UCAM has around 340 renowned international strategic partners, among which are several leading colleges and universities around the world, such as UC Berkeley, Stanford, NTU, NUS or Università degli Studi di Bologna. With these partners, UCAM has established students’, staff’ and professors’ exchange programs, joint degrees and other kinds of academic collaborations.

◦    UCAM’s teaching method is based on personalized attention with a reduced number of students per class and a personal tutor assigned to each student. UCAM also offers a modern system of distance teaching.

◦   UCAM is strongly linked to the business world through study plans responsive to market exigencies, obligatory internships in public and private institutions and enterprises as part of every undergraduate and master's degree, as well as research programs in collaboration with large regional, national and multinational companies.

◦   UCAM has a special environment, both culturally and historically. Its main campus is located around the XVIII century Jerónimos Monastery (National Monument) where infrastructures, labs, and research rooms provide UCAM’s students with excellent facilities to combine theoretical knowledge with practical implementation.

◦   As a Catholic institution, UCAM’s aim is to offer an integral formation to its students, not only in terms of academic knowledge but also regarding human values by means of academic subjects, volunteering projects, meetings, congresses, and workshops.

UCAM is known as the University of Sports. It is the only European university with a professional basketball team in the first national league (ACB League Spain). Furthermore, UCAM competes on a professional level with 20 comparable teams. In the Spanish University Sports Competitions, UCAM won 46 medals, being hailed 2012 Champion competing in 21 disciplines with more than 2000 college athletes. UCAM’s students were awarded about 100 medals in the Olympic Games in Athens, Beijing and London. Moreover, UCAM functions as the educational body of the Spanish LFP (Professional Football League).

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Avg Cost of Tuition/Year AUD$ 10,400
Cost of Living/Year AUD$ 25,000
Application Fee AUD$ 200
Estimated Total/Year AUD$ 35,600

Main majors

  • Creative Arts
  • Law
  • Management and Commerce
  • Natural and Physical Sciences


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