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Mandarin Garden

Flag of China Shanghai, China
School ID: SF860001
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General description

Mandarin Garden is a professional international Chinese teaching center and Mandarin teacher training organization in Shanghai from 2007.We have 9 centers in China.(Shanghai 3 centers, Wuyi, Changchun, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Lijiang) and 3 centers in the world. (London, Seoul, Sydney) All of which have a very Chinese-feeling environment to allow you to better assimilate into the sea of Chinese culture.

Mandarin Garden is also an officially recognized research center for Chinese teachers, and an IPA certified teacher training organization. We have already sent over 2000 Chinese teachers to other Chinese language schools all over the world. Only teachers who have been heavily tested can be retained, we are able to provide our students with professional service. It was founded to provide Efficient Mandarin Study Program, Quality Teaching Service and Overall Control System to over-sea companies, expat families and individuals.

Why Mandarin Garden?

  • Selecting training teachers is under rigorous procedures. The selected teachers are people who have majored in Teaching Chinese as a foreign language or English or have been studied abroad.
  • All schools have comprehensive training system and evaluation system to select qualified teachers. Each qualified teacher must have taken 160 hours training course.
  • The school’s systems comprehensive continuous training system and evaluation system for qualified teachers so as to ensure the teaching quality and teachers' initiative in the long term.
  • All consultant team will provide exams and study evaluation report for every student who has studied 20 hours and 40 hours lessons in order to check their learning progress.
  • There is periodical observation and evaluation appraisal for qualified teachers to ensure the professionalism of each teacher in our education department.
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  • General Chinese Course
  • Chinese Culture course
  • Business Chinese Course
  • Chinese Character Course
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