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Bachelor of Science ( - Biology
Bachelor of Science ( - Biology

Bachelor of Science ( - Biology

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  • Level:4-Year Bachelor's Degree
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Admission Requirements

Entry Requirements

  •  Required high school classes

  • SL or HL Mathematics

  • SL or HL Biology or Chemistry or Physics

  • Students can be admitted into this college with one subject deficiency that must be cleared before the second year of study.

  • Required grade average

  • Early admission: 24

  • If you apply by the early admission deadline and have an average of 24 or higher, you will be eligible for early admission.

  • Regular admission: 24

  • After the early admission deadline, we'll continue accepting applications until the final deadline. All applicants will be ranked by admission average and spaces will be offered to the top applicants. Based on last year's applicants, we expect to offer admission to students with an 24 average or above.

English Requirements

  • IELTS: Overall Band Score: 6.5 With minimum individual scores of:

    • Reading: 6

    • Listening: 6

    • Speaking: 6

    • Writing: 6

  • TOEFL: Internet Based:86 With minimum individual scores of:

    • Reading: 19

    • Listening: 19

    • Speaking: 19

    • Writing: 19

Course Information

Biology is the study of all living organisms and their relationships and interactions with other living organisms. In a world where climate change, habitat loss and genome discoveries increasingly make headlines, biologists today are presented with an array of exciting challenges and opportunities. 

What you will learn

You will examine the unique interactions between various life forms such as cells, parasites, pathogens, animals, plants, insects and humans through studying different elements of biology such as genetics, cell biology, physiology, ecology, population biology, limnology, toxicology, conservation and parasitology. Biology is an excellent choice for students interested in gaining entrance to a health science program, including medicine, dentistry, nursing, and veterinary medicine.

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  • Course, Description

  • Fall Term

  • BIOL 120, The Nature of Life

  • CHEM 112, General Chemistry I Structure Bonding and Properties of Materials

  • MATH 125*, Mathematics for the Life Sciences

  • ENG 114*, Literature and Composition Reading Culture

  • PSY 120*, Biological and Cognitive Bases of Psychology

  • Winter Term

  • BIOL 121, The Diversity of Life

  • CHEM 115, General Chemistry II Chemical Processes

  • GEOG 120*, Introduction to Global Environmental Systems

  • ARCH 112*, The Human Journey Introduction to Archaeology and Biological Anthropology

  • PHYS 115*, Physics and the Universe

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Pre Courses

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Pathway Courses

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Career Opportunity

Career Opportunity

Students graduating with a degree in biology are well suited for a wide range of careers - in education, applied or basic research in life sciences or health sciences such as medicine, dentistry, nursing and veterinary medicine.

Some other career opportunities include:

  • Biologist

  • Lab technician

  • Forensic scientist

  • Toxicologist

  • Environmental services manager

  • Conservationist

  • Wildlife management specialist

  • Research biologist

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