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Eltham College

Flag of Australia Victoria, Australia
School ID: SH610001
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27% of the school's students achieved an ATAR score of 90 or above and entered the TOP 10% of the state's best students

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General Description

ELTHAM College is a school like no other. We’re constantly adapting to the changing needs of young people and their world. We support them on their learning journey to unlock their talents through one of Victoria’s broadest curriculums. Most importantly, our teachers guide each young person to become empowered with the self-confidence and independence to manage all aspects of their future lives.

Above all else, ELTHAM is about ‘growing hearts and minds’. We believe that school is a daring adventure where children learn to think for themselves in preparation for a future of exciting possibilities. Schools are constantly juggling the needs of a conventional classroom and the demands of an ever-changing, connected world.

At ELTHAM, we are committed to providing experiences that respond to the intellectual and personal diversity of our students while creating spaces and opportunities for collaborative learning. Our young people are encouraged to see life as a chance for unlimited learning, while we have the privilege of helping to grow the hearts and minds of the next generation.

We are constantly adapting to the changing needs of young people and their world. We aim for our graduates to step into life after school as proactive young people, equipped with the skills and desire to continue successful learning.

Why choose us

At ELTHAM we aim to ensure that our young people can relate to their world, understand their effect on it and use their creativity to help shape it in positive ways. We ensure that young people are nurtured, aim high in life, continue learning, form successful relationships, juggle the demands of life, achieve independence and greet opportunities with confidence.

At ELTHAM, students from all nationalities and faiths experience an exceptional Australian education. Our highly regarded International Student Program includes students from a growing list of nations taking part in the ELTHAM community. The College has a policy of maintaining a small proportion of international students to ensure a strong Australian focus during their ELTHAM experience.

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Avg Cost of tuition AU$29,768
Cost of living AU$15,600
Application fee AU$0
Estimated Total AU$45,368

Main majors

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