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Games Design BA
Games Design BA

Games Design BA

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  • Level:3-Year Bachelor's Degree
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Admission Requirements

Entry Requirement

English Requirement

  • IELTS: 6.5 (min 5.5 in all areas)

  • Pearson: 59 (59 in all subscores)

  • BrunELT: 63% (min 55% in all areas)

  • TOEFL: 90 (min R18, L17, S20, W17)

Course Information

If you want to design the games you play and be a part of the booming games design industry – this is the course for you.

From the start, you will be encouraged to think and work as a games designer and be given the skills to develop your own ideas. You will design and prototype your own games, pitch games and develop skills in digital asset creation, wire-framing, and 3D modelling. You will also learn the core theories, concepts and methods of analysis of games which will help you create games that are based on a rich foundation of knowledge.

The Games Design BA gives you the flexibility to explore what really interests you. In the first year, you will study a range of modules including: Introduction to Games Design, Introduction to Games Studies as well as Historical and Business Contexts. This approach is designed to help you decide where your particular interests lie so that you can begin to consider where to specialise in the second and third year.

In the second and third year, you have the choice to focus on design, art, technology or game studies. Making this choice allows you to begin to specialise in your chosen field of games design and to build your portfolio around your future ambitions whilst you’re still studying. This means you can hit the ground running when you graduate because you will have a clear focus on where you want to work and the kind of role you want to pursue.

By the end of the course you will have a comprehensive portfolio and a range of skills sought after by the games industry in areas such as: game design, game production, game art, game development, game analysis, and game research, as well as giving you transferable skills that are relevant to broader fields.

Brunel’s Games Design BA covers all the skills needed to design, develop and understand games, giving you training that will help you to reach your potential in the games industry.

Course code: I620

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Year 1


  • FM1605 Global Gaming Histories

  • FM1609 Games Design 1: Introduction to Game Design Core: Element 2

  • FM1610 Games Studies 1: Introduction to Game Studies

  • FM1613 Asset Creation 1: Art Fundamentals

  • GD1600 Games Development 1: Prototyping and Communication

  • GD1601 Studio Practice

  • GD1602 Game Audio 1: Sound Fundamentals

Year 2


  • FM2608 Games Studies 2: Concepts and Analysis

  • FM2607 Games Design 2: Mechanics & Economies

  • FM2601 Games Development 2: Methodologies & Practices

  • FM2610 Asset Creation 2: Advanced Techniques

  • FM2612 3D Modelling for Games

  • FM2616 UI Design

  • FM2614 Game Genres

  • FM2617 Research Methods

  • FM2613 Game Engine

  • FM2618 Games Programming

  • Game Audio 2: Music for Games

  • GD2602 Ludomusicology


  • FM2612 3D Modelling for Games

  • FM2613 Game Engine

  • FM2614 Game Genres

  • FM2615 Setting and World Design

  • FM2610 Asset Creation 2: Advanced Techniques

  • GD2600 Animation

  • GD2602 Ludomusicology

  • FM2601 Games Development 2: Methodologies & Practices

Year 3


  • FM3627 Games Studies 3: Theory of Games Design

  • FM3605 Games Design 3: Further Design

  • FM3622 VFX

  • FM3623 Major Project – Game Art Project Core: Block

  • FM3630 Socio-Cultural Studies

  • FM3626 Gaming Technologies

  • GD3604 Dynamic Audio and Implementation

  • GD3605 Game Audio Major Project


  • FM3619 Concept Art Project

  • GD3601 Film and Video Games

  •  FM3620 Concept Communication

  • AH3600 - Psychogeography

  • GD3602 Major Project – Serious Games

  • FM3607 Major Project – Commercial Games

  •  FM3608 Major Project – Experimental Games

  • FM3612 Major Project – Game Assets

  •  FM3614 Major Project – Team Project

  • FM3611 Theory Project: Design

  • FM3615 Theory Project: Business & Development

  • FM3616 Theory Project: Game Analysis

  • FM3617 Theory Project: People, Communities, and Cultures

  • FM3618 Major Project: Traditional Games

  • FM3631 Major Project – Game Analysis Video Essay

  • FM3625 Joint Film/Theatre Final Production

  • FM3628 Major Project – Hardware Technology

  • FM3629 Major Project – Software Technology

  • GD3600 Major Project – Film and Video Games

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Career Opportunity

Career Opportunity

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Overseas Student Health Cover

Insurance – Single: 300 GBP per year


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