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Social sciences and communication
Politics and History BSc
Politics and History BSc

Politics and History BSc

  • ID:LBIC440092
  • Level:3-Year Bachelor's Degree
  • Duration:
  • Intake:
  • Type:Full-time

Fees (GBP)

  • TuitionFee/Year:£16,335.00
  • LivingFee/Year:£11,385.00
  • InsuranceFee/Year:£300.00
  • TuitionFee/Year:£16,335.00
  • LivingFee/Year:£11,385.00
  • InsuranceFee/Year:£300.00
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Admission Requirements

Entry Requirement

English Requirement

  • IELTS: 6.5 (min 5.5 in all areas)

  • Pearson: 59 (59 in all subscores)

  • BrunELT: 63% (min 55% in all areas)

  • TOEFL: 90 (min R18, L17, S20, W17)

Course Information

If you’re interested in politics and history, you don’t have to substitute one for the other. Why not study both in a combined degree? You’ll find they complement each other in so many ways. What is modern politics anyway but a reflection of yesterday’s political decisions?

Politics and history at Brunel is a dynamic combination of high level study in both subjects. Your politics studies will help you address critical questions like: Who has political power? Why do they have it? And in whose interest do their exercise it? Meanwhile, your studies in history will take you back into the societies of the past in Britain, Europe and the wider world to help you understand contemporary issues all the more. Both subjects will help to demonstrate your intellectual acumen and understanding of world affairs, which will be an asset in so many fields of work.

Whether you’re studying modern Africa, imperialism or intelligence and security, you’ll not just learn about them – you’ll be analysing them using the tools of political science or craft of the historian to help deepen your understanding and critical thinking.

Opt for a placement year and you'll gain work experience that is highly valued by employers. Brunel students have secured placements in the Environmental Audit Committee, the House of Commons, Directorate of Gender Affairs, HM Treasury and the Competition Commission, to name only a few.

It’s a competitive world out there, so you’ll get plenty of support from your lecturers and the University’s Professional Development Centre to help prepare you for your placement year and the world of work.

Why not increase your career options with an accredited journalism course, a free modern language course, or a social media internship? You can even opt to study part of your degree abroad in one of our partner universities in Europe, or participate in an exchange programme to China or the USA.

It’s all available at Brunel to help you make a difference in the world – now and in the future.

Brunel politics and history graduates enter diverse careers. Many of our former students go into politics and the civil service and some are currently at GCHQ and military intelligence. Others work in the public and private sector like the NHS, international banks, business consultancy, law, NGOs and the media.

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Year 1


  • PP1600 - Research Design and Qualitative methods in Politics

  • PP1601 - Modern Political Thought

  • PP1068 - Modern British Politics

  • PP1607 The Problem of the Past

  • PP1604 Europe in a Global Context

  • PX1605 - Migration and the Settler World, 1600-1914

Year 2


  • PX2603 - Historians and their Craft

  • PP2611 - Explaining Politics: Quantitative Political Science in Practice

  • PP2623 Comparative Electoral Systems


  • PP2030 - US Foreign Policy

  • PP2061 Issues in American Politics

  • PP2613 - National Security Intelligence

  • PP2614 - Ancient Greek Political Thought: Ancient Greek Political Thought: Plato’s Republic and Aristotle’s Politics

  • PP2615 Unity and Cultural Diversity

  • PP2616 The Cinema and Politics

  • PP2617 Social Welfare: Politics and Policy

  • PP2618 Political Behaviour in Britain

  • PP2621 Colonialism and Decolonization

  • PX2604 - The First World War

  • PX2605 - Australia and The Modern World

  • PX2607 The State and Revolution

  • PX2609 - History of the Women’s Movement in the West, c. 1790-1930

Year 3


  • PP3070 - Dissertation


  • PP3001 - Arab-Israeli Conflict

  • PP3003 - European Union Politics: Problems and Prospects

  • PP3013 Empire, Imperialism and Hegemony

  • PP3068 Media, Politics and Power in America

  • PP3604 - Public Policy Analysis

  • PP3605 Parliamentary Studies

  • PP3607 History of Political Philosophy

  • PP3609 Advanced Applied Quantitative Methods

  • PP3614 Researching Contemporary Issues in British Politics

  • PP3612 Elections, Parties and Voters in the UK

  • PP3617 Long Walk to Freedom: The Rise and Fall of Apartheid in South Africa

  • PX3619 - Slavery and Abolition in the Atlantic World

  • PP3611 Marx and the Critique of Political Economy

  • PP3618 Terrorism and Counterterrorism

  • PX3411 - The Second World War

  • PX3608 The British Maritime World, 1660-1815

  • PX3609 - Crisis and Critique

  • PX3611 Violence and Conflict in Eastern Africa

  • PX3612 The Creation of the Western Alliance 1945-1955

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Pathway Courses

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Career Opportunity

Career Opportunity

A major attraction of our courses is the wide variety of career opportunities to which they can lead. Some go into Politics and the civil service and have worked for Members of the Parliament such as John McDonnell MP, or former Labour party general secretary Baroness McDonagh. Other graduates have joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Home Office, GCHQ and military intelligence.

Many have gone on to work in public and private sector organisations, such as Chase Manhattan, Marks and Spencer, British Airways, Coca Cola Schweppes, HSBC, and the NHS Confederation.

Significant numbers have taken further training to pursue careers in broadcasting, journalism, law, and teaching at every level.

A degree in history equips you for work as a researcher, teacher or librarian, as well as for careers in the museum and heritage sectors, in NGOs and government agencies, the civil service etc. Past students have also gained employment in company management, business, consultancy and law practice.

Ability to settle

Overseas Student Health Cover

Insurance – Single: 300 GBP per year

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