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South Australia is becoming an ideal destination to study and work. What's new in South Australia immigration policy this year? Let's find out more information through the following article with Applyzones!

South Australia, Australia
South Australia, Australia

Introduction to South Australia

South Australia is the fourth largest state in Australia, located in the south-central part. South Australia's terrain is largely composed of arid areas with a number of low mountain ranges.

South Australia's economic growth is relatively low. South Australia's economy consists of main sectors such as meat and meat processing, wheat, wine, wool, sheepskin, machinery, vehicles, oil, etc. Other sectors such as education and defence technology are also important.

South Australia has a wide road network, linking cities and states. It can be considered that roads are the most popular type of transportation. In addition to roads, the rail system linking the federation, container ports, airports. The Murray River is always busy, transporting minerals and grain food.

The climate of South Australia is quite complex. The southern part of the state has a humid climate, while the rest of the state has a fairly dry climate.

The majority of the population is concentrated in the greater Adelaide metropolitan area.

South Australia immigration policy for international students

South Australia immigration policy for international students is set out by the state, which provides immigration opportunities to all international students in the world. Besides, the state also opens up many opportunities and create the best conditions for students.

- From March 1, 2019: Selected applicants can apply for state nominations without work experience. A South Australia’s qualification must be completed within two years of the application for nomination.

- Temporary visa: For graduates who achieve a GPA from 5.2 to 5.99

For graduates with bachelor and master degree in South Australia:

- Exemptions from work experience: University graduates in South Australia, achieving a GPA of 6.0 or higher.

Under South Australia's immigration policy for international students, graduates with a bachelor degree can apply for a permanent resident visa:

- Bachelor (Honour) graduates

- Masters graduates

- PhD graduates

From February 28, 2019, the South Australian immigration department provides state nominations for 489 temporary visa holders. Eligibilities:

- International students have been residing in South Australia.

- Currently working in South Australia (on any occupation).

- Studying a course with a minimum duration of 1 year in South Australia.

The capital of South Australia

South Australia is famous for Adelaide - the state capital - a remarkable destination for international students who wish to settle in Australia.

All bustling activities in South Australia are also concentrated in this city. This is a city in the top 10 most liveable cities in the world. Because the cost of living here is lower than in other cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Perth. Employment opportunities in Adelaide South Australia are also high; in particular, the average time that graduates are employed lower than other states in Australia. However, the average salary is higher than in other states.

In addition, business services, health education activities, information technology and communications activities are emerging industries in Adelaide in particular and South Australia in general. This is the ideal destination for international students to study in South Australia

South Australia’s universities

- CQ University: This is the top 2% university in the world with about 300 training programs, including 100,000 international students. The university offers courses in information technology..., The tuition is 30,000 AUD per year. The duration of study program is 2 to 3 years. International students are required to achieve IELTS 6.0 for admission.

- The University of Adelaide: It is in the top 1% of universities in the world, one of the prestigious universities in the top 8. This is also the dream university of many generations of students. The university is also the oldest with a history dating back to 1874.

- Flinders University: It is ranked 2nd in Australia for work experience and well-train for Social Work and Engineering in Australia. The tuition is about 27,000 AUD per year, The duration of study program is 2 to 3 years. International students are required to achieve IELTS 6.0 or above for admission 

- Eynesbury College: As a member of NAVITAS (IBT Education), the college was founded in 1989. It is located in the center of Adelaide, every year the school is a provider of quality students for universities in South Australia. The college welcomes both domestic and international students.

Compared to other Australia's states, South Australia is considered to be a slow and peaceful pace of life. South Australia immigration policy has always been the concern of many international students. For more information about South Australia's immigration policy, you can contact ApplyZones. We’re here to help you!


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