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“Scholarships to study in Australia” is a phrase that receives a lot of attention from international students and their parents. Scholarships give students many opportunities to study in a country with world-leading education. ApplyZones will help you find out information about scholarships to study in Australia through the article below.

The latest information about scholarships to study in Australia for international students
Is it hard to hunt a scholarship to study in Australia?

I. Benefits of scholarships to study in Australia

Up to now, Australia's scholarship programs have always attracted international students

1. Financial benefit

Minimizing the cost of studying in Australia is the first benefit of scholarships. The family of international students will reduce some of the cost burdens when sending their children to study in an expensive country like Australia. Tuition fees will be reduced from 30% to 50% depending on the type of scholarship offered by each school in which students enrolled. Without worrying about the cost burden, they will be more comfortable and complete their studies more effectively.

2. Directional benefit

Each scholarship has different goals and directions. Many scholarship programs are aimed to promote the country's image, and many of them are aimed at finding and training talented people. With each specific scholarship, students will experience the curriculum in different directions. With each specific scholarship, students will experience the program in a different direction. This creates many opportunities to visit, travel, participate in and experience many exciting activities in Australia and even get the job opportunities that they have always dreamed of.

II. Types of scholarships to study in Australia

Different international students have different goals, so each of them needs to invest time and effort in researching and learning from those who have experiences to identify what they need to do. In addition, students need to always follow and learn about scholarship programs from prestigious universities and organizations.

Here’s a list of Australian scholarship providers:

  • Vietnamese government scholarships
  • Australian government scholarships
  • Endeavour scholarships
  • University scholarships
  • Others 

III. Eligibilities to apply for a scholarship

Each type of scholarship will have different standards and eligibility. However, generally, Australian scholarships require students with some of the following criteria

  • Good academic achievements 
  • High English language proficiency
  • Minimum 2 years of working experience (for masters).
  • Letter of reference written by a reputable person
  • Spirit of integration
  • Luck 

In addition, to apply for a scholarship to study in Australia, you have to meet other requirements such as financial resources, essays, social activities...

IV. Classification of scholarships to study in Australia

1. Value

  • Full-funded scholarships: cover tuition and accommodation fees.
  • Full-funded scholarships: cover a part of accommodation and tuition fees.
  • 100%, 80%, 70%,50%: Each school offers students different incentives. These are scholarships that reduce tuition by a percentage, other expenses are covered by international students. 

2. Providers

  • Australian Government scholarships
  • Faculty and university scholarships
  • Scholarships for international students 

V. Top 10 most valuable scholarships to study in Australia

ApplyZones would like to summarize for you the top 10 Australian scholarships that international students can refer to:

1. Australia Awards

This is an Australian Government Scholarship, formerly known as the Australian Development Scholarship, administered by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Each year, this scholarship provides students with the opportunity to pursue a full-time program at universities and colleges.

This is a full scholarship that covers full tuition, round-trip airfare, a part of living cost and health insurance for international students.

2. Endeavor Postgraduate Scholarship

The Endeavor Postgraduate Scholarship cover the tuition of a 2-year master's or a 4-year doctorate program.

This scholarship is worth from 140,000 AUD to 272,000 AUD.

3. Endeavor Vocational Education and Training (VET) Scholarships

The scholarships financially support for VET students, up to 2.5 years. The scholarship program provides students with relevant career knowledge and skills. The scholarship is worth up to 131,000 AUD. 

4. Australia Research Program Scholarships

This scholarship is administered by Australian universities as designated by the Australian Department of Education and Training. Scholarships are granted to international students pursuing a master's or doctorate degree. Each international student will receive one or more of the following supports:

  • TP Fees Offset: covers the full tuition of students
  • RTP Stipend: supports for living expenses of students while studying 
  • RTP Allowances: support for the cost of the research program in Australia, including costs such as resettlement, insurance, and academic publishing fees of students 

5. University of Sydney International Research Scholarships

Awarded by the University of Sydney for excellent students who are eligible for postgraduate research, including full tuition and biological grants for 3 years.

6. Macquarie University International Scholarships

The scholarships cover a part of the tuition for excellent students who want to study an undergraduate or postgraduate program at the North Ryde campus, worth up to 10,000 AUD.

7. Melbourne Research Scholarships

The University of Melbourne scholarships are awarded to domestic and international research students with high academic achievements, the scholarship value depends on the circumstances of the applicants, including living allowances, health, tuition,...

8. Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded to international students based on their diverse contributions to the number of students at the school. The school annually awards 50 scholarships for any field of study, including a reduction of AUD 10,000 first-year tuition fees or 50% to 100% of a full-time undergraduate program tuition.

9. Adelaide Scholarships International Scholarships

The University of Adelaide offers scholarships to attract outstanding students to study in strong research areas of the University, including tuition, annual living allowance, health insurance, etc.

10. Flinders International Postgraduate Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded to students who meet the requirements for a full-time graduate study program at Flinders University, which covers tuition fees, living expenses, grants…

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