immigration policies in Western Australia

Western Australia is the largest state by area, accounting for one third of the territory of Australia. This is a land favored by nature, possessing many mineral and metal mines, with stable economic growth. Let's explore Western Australia's immigration policy with Applyzones.

Western Australia
Western Australia

Introduction to Western Australia

• The Western Australia climate is quite comfortable with long and sunny days, which is a great opportunity for international students to enjoy life here.

• Western Australia has the most developed economy in Australi, in which: 10% of the population generates 30% of the country's exports. In addition, people of Western Australia have the highest income in the country, about 68,609 AUD per year.

• In particular, Western Australia is renowned for its innovative education system, including public and private schools. People have many choices of majors for their children. Special subjects such as music, sports, soft skills supplement courses are always provided and taught by the school. Teachers of Western Australian schools are industry experts with modern and hands-on approaches to education.

• Tourism and entertainment service: This state attracts a large number of tourists each year because of its warm climate all year round. Nature is quite preferential in Western Australia when it owns many attractive tourist destinations.

• The transport network in Western Australia is modernly built, supporting the lives of people for easy transportation within the city.

• Compared to expensive cities like Sydney or Melbourne, Western Australia always has lower living costs. The monthly cost of living is about 1000 AUD per month.

• The pace of life in Western Australia is quiet and peace, which is very gentle but no less fresh.

Western Australia immigration policy for international students

Western Australia's immigration policy has been issued to international students. The newly issued occupations list is called the Graduate Occupation List (GOL). Specifically:

Eligibility to apply for a new immigrant visa:

• Have completed 2 years of studies at a university in Western Australia with the professions listed in GOL.

• Get a full-time job offer for more than 12 months.

• Achieve IELTS 7.0 with no band less than 7.

International students can apply for permanent residence under a state nominated program, through a 190 or 489 visa.


English ability: At least an IELTS score of 6.0 with no band less than 6. The higher the IELTS score, the more opportunities students have to settle in Western Australia. Having IELTS 7.0 or 8.0 will help you a lot in finding job opportunities.

Qualification: All occupations listed in the GOL apply to masters and doctoral degrees and is not be fully applicable to a bachelor's degree. So check the list to see which professions are preferred and which are not. The higher the degree, the easier it is to increase the immigration score.

Employment experience: All applicants must demonstrate previous experience. Applicants who have taken jobs related to their majors have worked for the past 10 years and at least 20 hours per week to be counted.

Employment contract: All applicants must submit a full-time employment contract with a minimum of 12 months in Western Australia. The fact that you have a job proves that you can support yourself, be able to take responsibility for yourself, devote and create a quality of life for Western Australia.

Why immigrate to Western Australia?

If you come to study in Western Australia and then want to settle here, you can apply for permanent residency through a skilled worker visa or employer sponsored visa. In two programs, you also need to have a job and express yourself as a person capable of creating labor value and dedication to the country.

Employment opportunities: Perth, Western Australia is considered the center of the economy because of its wealth from the mining industry. In addition to economic, information technology, ... universities in Western Australia also focus on training in biotechnology and the environment. Graduates can easily find employment opportunities elsewhere.

Support programs: International students receive support programs for daily living and transportation. Specifically, you will be reduced by 40% of travel expenses when using public transport. There are also scholarship programs for excellent students and full tuition reduction for students who apply for graduate programs.

Top universities in Western Australia

Here are good quality Australian universities. Students can refer and choose the best school for themselves.

- Edith Cowan University: One of the top 100 universities under 50 years old, 80% of graduates are employed.

- Curtin University: Offering more than 860 diverse courses at many levels, rated 5 stars for starting salary for graduates.

- Murdoch University: One of top universities under 50 years old, offering over 200 undergraduate and graduate courses.

- University of Western Australia: One of Australia's best research universities.

Please update Western Australia immigration policy every day on Applyzones to carefully prepare a plan for your study abroad!


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