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Certificate in Sāmoan Language (Gagana Sāmoa)
Certificate in Sāmoan Language (Gagana Sāmoa)

Certificate in Sāmoan Language (Gagana Sāmoa)

  • ID:CPIT640143
  • Level:1-Year Post-Secondary Certificate
  • Duration:
  • Intake:
  • Type:Full-time

Fees (NZD)

  • TuitionFee/Month:$18,400.00
  • LivingFee/Month:$16,400.00
  • InsuranceFee/Month:$700.00
  • TuitionFee/Month:$18,400.00
  • LivingFee/Month:$16,400.00
  • InsuranceFee/Month:$700.00
Estimated Total/program:
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Admission Requirements

Entry requirements

  • NCEA Level 2 including an introductory knowledge of Samoan language.
  • OR PASF111 Gagana Sāmoa and PASF115 Gagana Sāmoa 2 or equivalent.
  • If you have undertaken examinations other than NCEA (e.g. International Baccalaureate, Cambridge Examination), Ara will assess your qualification for academic entry equivalency.
  • If you show that you have equivalent skills for tertiary study gained through study, work and/or life experience, you may be able to gain alternative entry.

Note: The number of courses you have to complete for this qualification may be reduced where you have relevant credits from previous study, or evidence of similar learning or experience in the workplace. Contact Ara for advice.

English requirements

  • If English is not your first language, we want to make sure that you will be successful in your chosen programme of study.
  • Please provide a result from a test or qualification on the acceptable alternatives English Proficiency Outcomes Chart.


  • If you are a New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident, complete an Admission and Enrolment form and Ara will contact you regarding a free assessment.
  • If you are not a New Zealand Citizen or Permanent resident, book an IELTS or other test through the AraExamination Centre or in your home country.
  • IELTS scores used must be taken from a single IELTS Test Report Form and are valid for two years from the date of the test.
  • Overall IELTS requirements 5.5 academic: speaking 5.0, reading 5.0, writing 5.0, listening 5.0.

Course Information

Increase your understanding of Samoan language and culture for everyday social, community and work situations.

This programme has been designed to develop your confidence in using the Samoan language so you can communicate with elders, use the language in the home and ensure the next generation of Samoan New Zealanders retain their language and culture. It's equally useful if you wish to increase your understanding of Samoan language and culture for the purpose of communicating effectively in social, community or work situations.

During the course you'll develop language for everyday social interactions and gain an appreciation of the complexities of fa'asāmoa (Samoan culture), as well as Samoan values and world-views. You'll also gain an understanding of the culture and the protocols commonplace in the many rituals and ceremonies that are an integral part of Samoan society.

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Pre Courses

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Pathway Courses

Upon successful completion of this programme, you'll possess sufficient knowledge of Gagana Sāmoa to further your studies at degree level.

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Career Opportunity

Career Opportunity

After completing this certificate you can apply your increased understanding of Samoan culture in the health, education, social services, arts, media and tourism sectors to enhance relationships with Samoan people and communities.

Ability to settle

Overseas Student Health Cover

Insurance/year: 700 NZD/ per year

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