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Spain is increasingly known by many people for its developed economy, beautiful natural landscape and monumental architecture. The number of international students in Spain is increasing because of quality education and cheap costs of studying. In order to help students be more active in preparing application documents required to study in Spain, in this article, ApplyZones will share with you some useful information.

During the preparation, you can refer to some of the former international students
During the preparation, you can refer to some of the former international students

Before preparing application documents 

Whether you choose Spain or any country as your study destination, the first thing to do before preparing your application documents is to classify your desired major and location. Currently, with the developed education system, Spain provides many different programs. International students need to learn carefully before making a decision on their choice to match with personal talents, hobbies or according to your development orientation in the future.

The application documents required to study in Spain in the past few years is not too difficult to prepare, because in addition to the program taught in Spanish, nowadays most schools also teach in English, so choosing a major is a lot easier. To find out detailed information about tuition fees, subjects, entry requirements, application deadlines ... international students can go to the websites of universities in Spain or use ApplyZones to seek information as well as check your capabilities.

In addition to the main study program, you should also consider choosing a study destination because this will largely determine the effectiveness of the study process here. Depending on your desire and plan in the future, please choose the right location so that you can comfortably study in the best development environment and gain the best experiences.

Next, you need to prepare application documents as required by Spanish schools. They must be notarized and submitted online. The schools will base on the documents you submit to assess whether you are suitable for the program you are applying for or not? The waiting time for results will vary between public and private schools. Normally, it takes public schools more time to announce result than private schools because the preferential policies on popularity, tuition fees, facilities and living expenses of public schools always attract a large number of applications from international students around the world. Therefore, the processing time of application is also longer.

When your application is accepted by the school, the school will send you a congratulation email to you and guide you to prepare detailed paperwork, instructions on paying the deposit fee. This deposit will be deducted from the tuition fee when you come to study in Spain. After completing the required fees and procedures, you will receive an official admission letter with full confirmation from the school. Next, you can apply for a student visa.

What do application documents to study in Spain include?

The personal documents you need to be prepared include:

- Original passport (valid for more than 1 year). Ordinary passport holders are required to have travel insurance.

- 3 4x6-sized photos white background (not photoshop too much)

- Birth certificate (original or extract of birth certificate)

- Health certificate (translated into Spanish and notarized)

- Judicial record (translated into Spanish and notarized)

- Diploma of the highest level of education and transcripts (translated into Spanish and notarized)

- Curriculum vitae (in accordance with the form of the Embassy)

- Personal declaration

- Letter of reference from the school you are attending or attended, English/Spanish degree if any.

Some important documents related to proof of financial resources include:

- Certificate of savings book balance

- Original savings book at least 300-400 million for 4-6 months

- Certificates of land use rights

- Letter of commitment to financial guarantee (if any)

- For those who are working, you will need additional documents such as Employment and Income Certification, Labor Contract, Salary Statement for the last 6 months.

- If students’ parent is a business or business owner, additional documents are required include Business registration, most recent income tax report, local confirmation...

Proof of financial ensures that you can pay for the costs of study, accommodation and travel (€ 7,000 - € 13,000 / year). Above are all the documents that you need to prepare to apply for studying in Spain. When you have all your documents prepared and arranged according to the requirements on the website of the Spanish Embassy, ​​you should submit your application and wait for the interview date.

What is the best time to prepare an application to study in Spain?

Diplomas, undergraduates and postgraduates in Spain have 2 main admission periods in February and September each year. Each enrollment period usually ends 2 months before the commencement.

Meanwhile, to get a visa you need to receive an admission letter from the school; Certificates of payment of tuition, health insurance and other required fees. The visa application process usually lasts about 15 days from the date of application, this can be extended if the documents are unsatisfactory or in some cases arise. Therefore, the best time to prepare your application is 4 months before the application deadline to promptly resolve any arising problems (if any) and to be able to enter the school on time. Preparing documents to study in Spain early also helps you have more time to prepare the necessary knowledge for your study abroad.

During the process of making an application to study in Spain if you meet any difficulty, you can contact ApplyZones for assistance. We’re here to assist you at any time!


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