Studying in the U.S without IELTS

With the world's top education, the US is always a desirable study destination for many international students. Therefore, there are many students that are interested in studying in the U.S without IELTS. Is this correct? Let's find out through the following article with ApplyZones.

Studying in the US without IELTS - Wings of dreams
Studying in the US without IELTS - Wings of dreams

Studying in the US without IELTS

The US is one of the countries with the most entry requirements for international students today. This is completely understandable because the U.S is a country with the leading education and economy in the world today. For many young people, the U.S is a dream place to build a career and develop themselves.

Studying in the U.S without IELTS will be the joy of many international students. Currently, the United States has an English preparation program for international students who do not have good foreign language skills. You can completely attend this preparation program to meet the requirements of universities in the US. You need to learn carefully about this program to avoid errors in the application.

English preparation program to study in the US without IELTS

The English preparation program in the US is quite similar to Canada when allowing students with weak foreign language skills, who have not yet met the requirements to apply for study abroad. These students can enroll in the university's preparation courses. After completing an English preparation course, if you meet the university’s English language requirements, you will be admitted to the main course.

Usually, such an English preparation program takes place within 1-2 semesters. The average attending time is 25 hours to fully practice skills such as listening, speaking, reading, writing…. In addition, you will also gain more knowledge and experience in presentations, teamwork, research ...

Requirments and advantages of English preparation courses

According to statistics, international students enrolled in the English preparation program have a higher pass rate than direct students or domestic students. It can be seen that with this English preparation program, international students can gain a lot of benefits, namely:

• Improve your English language skills

• Increase opportunities to study legally in the US

• Exchange and make friends with more people

• Participate in many extracurricular activities, clubs and other activities.

• Maximum use of library, dining room, and computer room as needed.

• Have the opportunity to receive a scholarship which is up to 65% tuition for undergraduate and graduate programs.

• Discover many lands, getting acquainted with many diverse cultures.

Although this course offers many benefits for international students, it is not so easy to be enrolled in. International students need to pass an international standard test to accurately assess English proficiency. Besides, this test also helps you to give directions and future study pathways to get the best results. A highlight is that, although studying preparation course does not require IELTS, you still have to use English in the visa application interview. Therefore, you need to practice listening and speaking English to prepare for the visa application.

Universities in the US that does not require IELTS

Currently, the US has many famous universities with the standard education system. However, not all universities provide English preparation program.

Here are some universities that provide this course for you to refer to:

• Colorado State University: is ranked in the top universities of the United States. INTO is an educational organization and also an official partner of the university. Therefore, international students absolutely can choose it to study, accumulate knowledge and develop a career.

• University of South Florida: is a prestigious university ranked in the top 300 in the world, according to Colorado State statistics in 2008. International students will attend English preparation courses taught by lecturers from South Florida.

• West Texas A&M University: ESLI is one of the main partners of the university. So, you can completely register for this preparation course.

• Southern Illinois University: is in the list of 10 public schools with the best training quality in Midwest America. The university accepts international students under the investment of ESLI- a partner of the university.

• University of Dayton: is the only university with many policies attracting many international students and talents from all over the world. The university accepts international students to participate in this course at the beginning of the first year.

• Central Seattle Community College: International students who wish to study in the US but do not meet the English proficiency, it is possible to register for the intensive English preparation program.

Thus, it is not too difficult to study in the US without IELTS. When mastering the information, you can fully autonomy and practice to pass the visa application interview. If you want to find out more information about studying in the US or other countries, please visit Applzones - online study abroad platform. We hope that this article will be useful for those who are weak in English but still want to study in the US.


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